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#28 Best Sights in the United States

My journey of a few month through the wide countryside gave me a profound esteem for everything my land has to offer. What did I do? Having travelled 13,000 leagues across the United States this coming spring/beginning of the year (and more, counting my 2006 journey before), I wanted to be able to tell you about some of my favourite places in the United States.

Gritty, lindustrial, and a little run down, Memphis seems like his best times are behind him, but don't let the rugged outside deceive you - the town is still home to some killing feasts and a lively blue musical world. There is also Graceland (Elvis' home) for the King's supporters, a large boardwalk for hiking and the spectacular, detailled and touching Museum of Civil Rights (it's enormous, so don't rush!).

It was a great time for me and I was more than I thought and I was frustrated when I had to go. This is my new home (surprise! I am in Austin!), and with every stay here I am loving it more and more. Incredible hot weathers, vibrant honky-tonks and life-sound, funk home pubs on Rainey Street, great walking and cycling routes and lots of great outdoors.... Austin has it all.

University of Texas' Austin CAMUS offers the civic center a juvenile strength, and its open-minded approach draws a varied and eclectic people. The New Orleans is a town with a spirit. I think New Orleans is one of the most eco-friendly and lively towns in the United States. If you have any further travel advice for New Orleans, see this article on how to stay there for 4 outings.

Not all the way along the coastline, but the part I was driving (San Francisco to Portland) was incredible: steep rocks, woods that descend to the coastline, kilometres of beach and huge sequoias. On the Pacific shore is a large area of huge sequoia full of pick nick sites, campsites and kilometres of walk.

Although I was visiting most of the area when it was still shut down (it was too early in the year and there was still snow), I was still amazed by the area: wonderful snow-capped peaks towering high into the skies; a nice, calm sea where you can see these peaks and large icebergs; and walks in abundance.

More travel advice on Canada can be found in this detailled itinerary. Memorial-high town (not least because cannabis is legal there), Denver has a mixture of open-air robustness and metropolitan life. There' are few towns in the US where I want to go, but I like Denver enough to say that it is one of them.

There is no better town in the United States if the wheather is fine. So when the frost is over, the Chicagoers break out of their houses to take in the warm season, so there is a cheerful, friendly atmosphere throughout the town. You can find more travel advice on Chicago in this in-depth plan.

A town that never sleeps. No. You can find more travel advice on New York in this detailed plan. And I was very shocked by this town in Mississippi. If you have more travel advice for Natchez, have a look at this article on my search. I' ve been to this town many, many years ago, but its beauties, its Mediterranean cuisine and its tranquillity have remained with me over the years.

The majority of humans just stood at the rim of the channel and look beyond the channel, but its real grandeur and splendour is best estimated on a walk downwards. More travel advice for the Grand Canyon in this article on the topic of walking. There is not much "tourist" to do here, but what makes this town one of my favourites are the local folk songs, the good old folk foods, the cheerful and cheerful wild folk and the good vibes that the town seems to be emanating.

All kinds of cuisine, hipster, high technology and a varied local community make San Francisco one of my favourite places. It is also near some beautiful natural reserves, such as Muir Woods, where you can flee the town and walk among huge saplings. It is a town that is rapidly evolving (forever and ever) and I am always looking forward to my next one.

It takes at least four working nights to really appreciate San Francisco. It is one of the United States' major culture centres and should not be overlooked. You can find more travel advice on San Francisco in this in-depth plan. Beautiful sandy beach, Catalan cuisine, rugged night life, beautiful humans and amazingly hot wheather - what not to like about Miami!

You can find more travel advice on Miami in this in-depth itinerary. Always hot and sunshiny, the San Diego climate is creating a constantly cheerful community that is kind and sociable and enjoys nature - from walking for a day on the beaches to walking.... and they are always glad to show their town to the world.

Lovin' San Diego. Some of the best wines in the word are from California, and a tour of Sonoma and Napa Valley will give you a good meal in the company of your family. Travel from San Francisco and appreciate the wines!

To learn more about California Wine Country traveling, see this article on how you can get a discount to Napa Valley. Surrounded by small hill villages, this is an excellent place for walking and boat trips in summers and ski trips in winters. They' re really nice, inviting and outdoors.

Just loving Montana. Washingtokhington D.C. The capitol of the United States is a lively, cosmopolitan town, and that's what I like about it. It is the second most important in terms of human and nutritional biodiversity after NYC (something so many individuals can expect from multinational relief organisations and embassies).

You can find more travel advice on Washington D.C. in this detailled plan. There are many small seaside resorts along the coastline (Provincetown and Hyannis are the most popular, but I also like Chatham, Falmouth, Wellfleet and Brewster). While I may be prejudiced because I was raised here, I like Boston and appreciate my home trips.

It is historic (founded 1630), small, easily moved and full of reverent and faithful men. It hosts a variety of outdoor pursuits, including the Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall, the JFK Museum and the Boston Commons and Public Garden, as well as some of the best food and beverage venues in the world.

Dine at Zaftigs for the best breakfast in town! You can find more travel advice on Boston in this in-depth plan. Lots of intruder are inverted off by the agleam position and musical performance, but Vegas is large indefinite quantity statesman than the building, costly club and building on the known streak.

There are unbelievable walks in Red Rocks National Park, a burgeoning artscene, a thriving technology community thanks to Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project and many shows and music. Leave the Strip, discover the true Vegas (because from a technical point of view the Strip is in Paradise, NV, not Las Vegas), and see why folks choose to be there.

You can find more travel advice on Las Vegas in this detailled itinerary. You' ll find an amazing scenery of groceries trucks, stylish, tailor-made pubs and lounge cocktails, an artisan local artisan brew scenery, recreational gardens (including a tranquil Japan garden), a lively arts and crafts community and walking in the near hills.

It is simply a fantastic town, especially in summers when the wheather is fine and there are many festivities and activities such as the World Domination Summit and the Portland International Beerfest. More travel advice about Portland can be found in this article about the town. -Seattle is just a pretty slick town.

And there' s draft beer and café - what's not to like! You can find more travel advice on Seattle in this in-depth itinerary. After all, I really liked this town, which offers some of the world's best BBQs, a vibrant inner town and the latest technologies like Google Fiber. There is also a detailled and insightful Jazzmuseum, as well as the striking Negro League Baseball Museums (that was the real name; I am not a racist).

There are too many "must see" places in the United States to be listed in a blogs entry. It has over 350 million inhabitants and 3. You can find more travel hints for U.S. Travel in these blogs:

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