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Top 10 Deals for 2018 However, you should select your holiday with care and you can still find an extraordinary value. All in all, Thailand is my best tip for 2018. A wide range of services - both to Bangkok and to the wider area - keeps tariffs low (Norway's new no-frills Singapore flight with yields starting at around 385 will only help to keep up the price pressure).

Accommodation in the German state' s capitol is among the best in the word, with an average price of £103 for a five-star hotel and £27 for a three-star hotel in 2017. If you are looking for a great journey in 2018 and are looking for the best value for your budget, this is the place to be. If you are a shopping, cultural or gourmet person, in some of Europe's closer, smaller cities (see "Short haw for less than 70", below) you will of course find an outstanding price-performance ratio, but let's say you long for the diversity and refinement of a capitol - or at least a historical big town - for your week-end stay.

Well, if so, I forecast that the best figure for 2018 will be Istanbul. The last year the avarage rate for a room in a five stars downtown has only been 87 (remember, this is the avarage; it will be even lower in quieter times). Prices in three-star hostels are even more attractive at an avarage of 31 per room per day.

The fares are also extremely low: you can come back from London in April for £100. Getting the best value for money depends on how well you drive. One way or another, because of the way the holiday rental business works, you will almost certainly find the best deals by beginning with what travel agents can provide instead of trying to find a low-cost destination - a pack that contains all or most food, rental and elevator passes will almost certainly provide the best price.

The growing interest in food on holiday has been one of the major tendencies in recent years. However, if you are short on cash, how do you find a good price-performance ratio? France (outside Paris) and Italy, both with a £28 maximum fare, are the best value in Europe and are inexpensive to reach in the latest travel books.

In addition to a Michelin-star discount store, Tokyo has some of the best pubs in the game. This Catalan town had an avarage price of £94. They can be sure that you receive a peak value overall. When you are not so much drawn to the Mediterranean sun, the other good deal is a flight to the beautiful holiday town of Dinard in the north of Brittany.

In 2017 the mean ticket price here was only 66, and when I reviewed the pre-sale prices for 2018 there was still a lot of money for only 20 pounds. It is too early to forecast the tariffs for 2018, but last year's are a good guideline. Skyscanner numbers show that there were six European towns where the UK air price was less than 70 on average.

I have listed Dinard (average return of 65) above under'Bargain Sweet Spot', but both Baden-Baden (£68) in West Germany and Nimes (£69) in South France are great targets for a siesta. Are you looking for a five-star property? Warsaw ('110) and Prague ('111) also have exceptional fares in Europe.

Though it may or may not be your Cup of Teas, but Five Stars Prices there averages £113 a dark. More information on Bangkok and Istanbul can be found in the first two contributions to this summary. However, I will first concentrate on operas and ballets - not only marvellous events, but also an impression of the culture of the destination you visit.

Overall, however, our price-performance ratio goes to Germany. It may be windingly sluggish, but the 3. 10 one-way fares from downtown London to Heathrow Terminals 1-5 are exceptionally cheap - and they were froze for 2018. Most of the prices do not contain breakfasts, let alone half pension or all-inclusive offers.

In the case of certain leave categories, some factors can make a big distinction from the total amount.

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