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You often have the best offers on your website, but if you find a better offer elsewhere, they will match it. Are you looking for a specific hotel? Look for equipment, style, price or stars to find the perfect property for your trip! For hotels with pools, see special offers. This is how you get the best bargains.

Review of the best offers

With so many hotel reservation web pages out there today, it can be a tedious job to try to screen through them all to really find the best hotel deals. Ads suggest that a good way to do this is to use a hotel meta-search that will aggregate all other Web pages. However, we can tell you first hand that these units almost never really work to find the best hotel offer.

So, what are the best hotel reservation pages in 2017 for the best deals? For three and a half years we have been book a non-stop hotel. In doing so, we have created our favourite websites and reservation strategy. There is a tendency to prefer some of the most favourite pages, as we have found that they are for good reasons.

However, even on the latest reservation sites we are always at the cutting edge, so we welcome it when we add new hotel reservation sites to our search routines to check how they work. While our reservation policies differ slightly according to the area we are in, we want to be spending about $20 to $40 per person per day as we travel around the globe.

This may seem like an exceptionally low amount that would only end up you in some evil budget hotel. However, this category usually offers us beautiful mid-range accommodations in most places around the globe. A lot of people are astonished to know that this low cost category often even gives us a 4-star hotel.

We are now posting this article to tell you exactly what we think are the best hotel reservation pages in the whole time. It' actually one of the most frequently asked question we get, so we are curious to see what we think are the best hotel reservation we have.

In the following you find the recommended pages for your reservation. However, we are hoping to give you some information on why it is best to use these reservation pages. We will also show you the recommended web pages, some of which may come as a pleasant surprise. Some of them are only available in German. First of all, here are the pages we frequently use and suggest.

Continue reading for a full description of why, as we also provide our on-line reservation advice. Hold on, we now dive deeply into the strange realm of hotel reservation pages. Prior to further research, you must first realize that there are primarily two kinds of hotel reservation web pages to search:

On-line travel agencies (OTAs) with which you can look for and reserve a hotel directly via the website. Traveller meta searchengines ( "aggregators") that browse a number of agencies and then redirect you to the OTA website to make the transaction. Good manners would make you think that a meta-finder would eventually deliver the best hotel results as it scans several hundred sites at once.

I' m sorry to have to tell you, but that Trivago dude lied to you! We' ve noticed that the price on aggregate web pages, such as Trivago, is even higher than if you search directly on the original Trivago web pages. You often miss the right hotel stars and you miss other very pertinent information.

We are currently looking for a 3 star (or higher) hotel room in Guadalajara Mexico, with breakfasts, Wi-Fi, good ratings and close to the downtown area. On the basis of these criterions we found a good agreement in the Hotel San Sebastian de Compostela. Then we tried the same query on Trivago.

However, Trivago could NOT find this hotel with the criterions we gave, although the Hotel San Sebastian de Compostela certainly met all our demands. I tried to help Trivago a little by looking directly for "Hotel San Sebastian de Compostela" and removed all of my keywords.

Now Trivago has found it, but Trivago has displayed a rate of $38 per room if you are booking through a wide range of websites, up to and including However, the search for directly for the very same data shows the real cost at $34. Trivago doom! Even more disconcerting is that Trivago falsely bragged that the hotel is a 4-star hotel.

Actually, it is a 3-star hotel, as properly identifies. However, we see exactly the same imprecise results at higher costs when we have made innumerable search attempts around the world in recent years. No Trivago ever made the best offer. It' bad for us to search through these other hotel reservation pages.

We' ve found that the information Trivago collects is just not trustworthy. It seems Trivago is wasting a lot of cash on their uninterrupted ad campaigns, but they might want to invest it in the searching technologies they use to try to market you. We choose Trivago a little, but we have found that this is the case with almost all common hotel locators.

A part of the issue is due to a bug in the information from other hotel reservation webpages. To make matters worse, most members who are registered with an OTA are offered even lower "secret prices" which cannot be collected by the aggregator.

Therefore, it is best to use the local information directly, instead of collecting the blurred results that a meta query like TYVAGO provides. In order to promote our assistance to meta-searching MTAs, we find the best searching and filter capabilities directly in onlinestore. The aggregator lookup option is restricted because they must try to normalise more than one source of information using different meter and dial.

Whilst it may seem like a total ache to have to seek multiple OTA' s instead of using a meta-clearance, we tended to find the best rates and hotel inventories by using only two home locations. It is never really necessary to browse tens of pages. In addition, almost all large accounting pages are finally in the possession of the same two enterprises.

When you use a meta query to compile several hotel reservation pages, we suggest While we are not challenged with its searching capabilities, we find that it delivers better results and offers than other summaries. Nevertheless HotelsCombined is not ideal. We found some of the same bugs in the use of HotelsCombined as in Trivago.

However, according to our hotel combined experiences, the mistakes are becoming rarer and rarer. However, in order to have better searching functions and lower rates, we do not suggest that you start your searching on HotelsCombined. Alternatively, we suggest you start your hotel finder directly with an agency such as or Then, once you find a hotel that you like, go ahead and run it through to make sure you have not missed another site that will offer better pricing on a hotel.

In the last ten years, all the largest and best hotel reservation pages have been purchased by one of the two giant hotels online: Priceline Group now own,,, among others. Expedia, Inc. is now the mother corporation of, Orbitz, Travelocity, and many more.

And as a consequence of these fusions and takeovers, the hotel stock and even the research technologies are distributed to the partners. So, although there are apparently tens of large hotel reservation web pages, actually it cooks down to only two main gamers world-wide for a Coke versus Pepsi style spacer. As a rule, we find that searches between the web pages of the same mother company are a waste of paper.

These are the top 3 results for Travelocity and Orbitz. It is not necessary to browse both hotel reservation pages. It is interesting that if you look at the bottom of the Orbitz lists, you will see that it is comparing its low hotel Expo Abastos rate with other OTA' s within its own business group.

The Orbitz $26 is displayed at $43 as opposed to the $26 Orbitz and others, but when you look at the upper lefthand corner of the Hotel Expo Abastos Orbitz listings, you see it for $26 - not the $43 Orbitz states. In spite of Orbitz's essay at proposing it will offer a better prize than its corporative cousins; it doesn't.

There is sometimes a small discrepancy between the hotel reservation pages of Expedia Inc. Instead, we have a unique preferential page among all hotel reservation pages Expedia Inc. has. In the meantime, under the Priceline roof, we have noticed that there are somewhat more differences in prices and results.

However, even there we have a unique preferential reservation page that takes us to the next website we want to discuss: With 40 million users per month (source: eBizmber com May 2017), is by far the most visited hotel reservation site in the atlas. We' ve found time and again that it provides the biggest stock of hotel lists and is usually at the cheapest price. tends to blast away the competitors with the mere number of its list. When a hotel is quoted on an on-line site, it has almost always found its way to a reservation. And we like that we book more than just hotel accommodation, because here you will find accommodation, flats, pensions and even camping sites. can be a one-stop-shop to find and reserve properties all over the globe. The site has some of the best searching and filter functions and offers strong ratings of authenticated sojourns. also sometimes includes tax and charges in the rates they show you, which is uncommonly upright.

Com also tends to have less strict cancellation policy than other websites and most of the times you don't spend until you get to your lodging. Cases have arisen in which we were unable to reach a hotel, and although had the right to bill us for our non-appearances, they have not done so.

Sometimes it is irritating to be able to screen only by a given group of prices (and not by the precise price). That deal we remained on was an all-inclusive 4-star Red Sea Resort in Egypt for $27. 50 per persons, which covered all the meals and even unlimited liquor! In our first quest we often go back to booking.

Even though it is shared by the same mother corporation as, the rates and offers are often different. Agoda tends to be the leader in Asia in terms of both hotel stocks and pricing. Plus, Agoda has great searching capabilities and even a reasonable reward programme. You do that, you're missing some great deals.

We' ve found some of the best offers for Asian hotel accommodation through other hotel reservation pages. Like that $24 seaside resort in Thailand was actually found on Our Top-Pick is under the Expedia aegis. Anytime we find a better rate than the reservation, it comes from an Expedia website.

In our review we find as the best hotel finder among all Expedia makes. We think it has the most clever searching and filter functions that allow you to scroll through the offers with a finely serrated combs. also has what we consider to be the best mapping feature that allows you to display your results in a way that is simple to understand.

Nevertheless, perhaps's best property is the capability to sniff the absolutely cheapest rate if you put in a little extra effort. s... It is not unusual for us to note that rates are actually slightly higher all along the line. But, once you employ some discount techniques, it tends to let rates fall below that of the competitive tracing locations.

We also find that can offer a small fistful of properties with significantly lower prices, in comparison to those in the priceline/booking group. It was the first 5-star hotel we found through Whilst we have a tendency to prefer hotel accommodation. com for its searching capabilities and pricing benefits, it usually doesn't have as much stock as

Also, while the vouchers and reward programme are a cute perk, booking sometimes can be the same cheap rates. com can do without the need for the voucher codes. as well. On a regular basis, the rates between and (and other hotel finder sites) can be exactly the same. Whenever, we suggest and favour booking with

First, is one of the few hotel reservation pages that actually has its own fidelity programme. As a rule, com Awards gives you one free night's accommodation for every ten days you spend with them. You will be charged the average fare for these ten overnight stops and this amount will be added to your bankroll to use for a subsequent overnight sojourn.

In the last three years has already awarded us 2.5 week free stay! Other than that, generally their compensation system elasticity you 10% position for all dark you enter with them. That is the most rewarding we have ever found from a hotel reservation page. often operates vouchers on a yearly basis. does NOT allow you to deserve a hotel. com bonus voucher if you use a voucher. So, if a 5% voucher is the best available promotional offer at this point in the year ('often'), it is better not to take the voucher and get your hotel instead. com award voucher (which is valued at 10% of the value of your stay).

That 5 -star hotel in Thailand, which we found on hotels. com was the most beautiful hotel we ever spent the night in. I would like to find a 4-star hotel for the price of a Hostel Dorm: We believe that semi-opaque offers are one of the least used ways to get a theft in a room.

We used them to spend the night in 4-star accommodations all over the globe for less than $40! We have even been able to remain in many European capitals during the peak tourist seasons and still have key sites with great deals that are less expensive than most suburban accommodations.

An example of these semi-opaque offers is the room we reserved last year in a 4-star hotel in Cape Town for $34 per room. Please note: The same hotel is quoted at $128 and above on all important reservation pages. Meanwhile, Cape Town rooms have been listing between $40-$80 per room per year!

Using the approach of semi-opaque deals, you are provided with all the relevant information for hotel deals, the starting point levels, general situation, rating result, and conveniences. All of these properties are available at a fixed rate. You already know a typical very low cost. The real name of the hotel remains hidden.

For the record, these semi-opaque offers are NOT the same as the prize draw for which Priceline is known. You will see a hotel directory (without names and pictures) and you will see a low cost, which is not up for negotiation. Booking so blind without even know the hotel may seem a little annoying.

Nevertheless, if you come across a 4-star hotel, with 90% ratings, in a prime position, and it is priced at $34 per room per day - there are fairly good chances that you will not be let down. Sometimes with enough detective work, you can find out what the hotel is. If it' clearly a lot, we don't even spend our own research on it.

While we believe this is best in the large North American and European capitals, it is definitely a good idea to look for any of them. We have found great semi-opaque offers in London, Munich, Brussels and throughout Spain and the USA. We have found that it is almost never profitable to search for smaller villages, countryside or remote places.

So, what's the catch with semi-opaque deals? One of the only major disadvantages of these semi-opaque transactions is that they cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. If you have booked it once, there is no exit at all. A further disadvantage is that one knows the precise hotel only after the reservation, but this should not be a big problem, since there is usually enough information in the list, in order to make a founded judgement.

There are two major reservation pages to find these kinds of offers: So, which is the best semi-opaque site? Hotwire sometimes has better offers. Priceline Express deals sometimes have lower rebates. These are the same approach, but two rival hotels with different hotel arrangements, so the offers are always different.

We' re more successful with Hotwire than with Priceline Express deals. Also, we like that Hotwire allows you to order by rate, while Priceline Express deals weirdly not. Per Tip: If you find a good offer on Priceline Express Deals, enter the same search terms in the Name Your Own Pricelist and place a 5% lower offer than the one for which you have the Express deals list.

You often get the same hotel with another 5% reduction. When rejected, simply go back and post it through the Express Deal you found. If a 4-star hotel has the same rate as a hostal room, we almost always choose this luxurious hotel.

But these incredible hotel offers do not always exist all over the globe. Whilst dormitories and bunks are standard facilities, most of them have en-suite rooms, just like a hotel. This is what we do. Most of the guesthouses we have slept in are even more beautiful than a hotel or B&B in the same area!

Searching for a lodging better than HItelWorld? Hostelling International travellers have made the golden norm. With the largest stock of youth Hostels, it has an easy-to-use user experience. is a meta search of all major hosting websites, incl. Hosttelworld.

It' even searching's budgets. We have experimented with and found that it works well when it comes to pricing and other site detail. So this is our site when we think about a hospitazi. If you are a couples, we usually only sleep in bed and breakfast rooms, and we enjoy that provides a very useful and useful filtering tool to help you find only those guesthouses that have free rooms.

The rooms and suites can be extremely pleasant, one experiences a goal more like a native, and Airbnbs can often be a small part of the costs of a hotel room. A lot of folks don't know that Airbnb hosting offers substantial discount for longer stay, which can eventually result in saving several hundred bucks on a longer one!

Only a few small nuisances are to be considered, which otherwise lead us to a hotel for short sojourns. On the one hand, you usually have to make an appointment with your hotel and not just appear at the receptionist. Accommodation is easy to do for you.

When the rates are the same, we like hotel rooms because it is usually simpler and runs runner. However, there are days when even the best hotel offer can be four time more than a fabulous Airbnb room, which has a constant success story with great prospects. 1 ) Booking longer stay.

For the best deals on Airbnb, look for a date band of 7+ days and even larger deals for 28+ years. /Those particular deals tended to be quite apparent if you are looking for a 28-night sojourn and are downgrading the prices filters. 2 ) Make your booking early. It is even more important than other accommodations to make an early reservation on Airbnb.

Airbnbs, unlike large hotel rooms that can have several hundred rooms, are all unique. At the end of the day, the best offers are obtained well in advance. What's more, we can offer you the best. It is very rewarding to be able to reserve an Airbnb as soon as possible in order to find not only the best places but also the rooms and flats with the best tariff.

Therefore make your reservation early! 3 ) How to get a rebate not listed - Contact the accommodation before making your reservation. Each time we ask the owner to make a reservation request, we always leave a note to show interest in the flat and present ourselves. Occasionally this has resulted in the hostelry making us a "special offer" immediately because they want to make the trade and win ours.

4 ) If in question, make trustworthy offers - We suggest you reserve seats that have a constant success rate with good ratings. This is our usual search method for hotel bookings: In a nutshell, here is our characteristic accounting policy for each place we are. To find the best possible offer, we usually take 10-15 min to go through this as well.

2 ) Look for Hotels.com3) Make sure that there are any great deals on Hotwire and Priceline Express deals. 6 ) Before you make a hotel reservation, look for to see if there are lower rates. to your bookmark to come back here directly when you are willing to make your next hotel reservation.

Further tips for hotel bookings: Please review the app: What we are looking for is a hotel on our laptops, because we find a larger display that is easy to use. Hotel websites want you to take their application. When you find a hotel you like, it may be rewarding to try the application at a lower one.

Look for workweekends and days of the weekend separately: Holidays for businessmen and women are offered low off. In the meantime, tourist oriented establishments often have lower weekly fares. For stays during the day and on Saturdays and Sundays, it may be worth changing the hotel on a Friday. Throughout our last sojourn in London, our hotel price skyrocketed when we were supposed to spend the night on Friday, so we moved to a lovely hotel for the whole Friday sunday.

Make hotel bookings directly on hotel pages: saving your hotel bills if you make bookings directly with them and not via a hotel reservation page. Therefore many hotel groups (e.g. Marriott, Hilton, etc.) offer the best prices only on their own website. When you find a low hotel value, it is a good idea to take the additional minutes to mark it directly on the hotel's website.

And so do they. Come up with a lot of new ideas: Sometimes we just want to find a good offer for an accomodation, no matter where it is at the moment. If so, we put our pricing and evaluation filter and then use the card feature (we like card feature best) to move around the card to see where there are good deals.

The site works similar to Airbnb, but Homeaway has never brought us as many offers or as good a price as we find on Airbnb. This hotel finder page differs by registering & logging in. Soon after the launch of the site, a few years ago, I came across some convincing items with comparative information showing how the site most often has the cheapest tariff.

Throughout this period I have never found the best offers in comparison to our suggested pages. Trivago: It' full of imprecise information and does not offer the cheapest tariff. While we like kayaking for air travel search and for car hire bookings, we find that kayaking often gets a raw deal when it serves as a hotel meta search, for the same reason I've already got Trivago on it.

It has some great lookup functions and a sweet little maskot, but in the end we find better results looking directly with an oven oven oven than using this congeal. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Venere: is held by the same holding as this site and therefore periodically publishes the same results.

We prefere's searching and reward programme more than any of its business partners. Hotels Tonight: âThis is actually a good application that has some rightfully great deals. However, we always plan ahead these few business hours so that the last-minute offers no longer suit us well. When you want to make a last-minute booking, we strongly suggest this application.

The recently visited hotel reservation page, which uses text or Facebook Messenger, seems like a sort of real treat to get the cash of the expanding millennia of travelers. They are no better than the pages we have proposed, and although they promise not to spamming you, they have sent us uncalled news. We have been looking for and reserving a hotel for 5 years, this is what we have found to find the best hotel offers.

What pages do you use? Please let us know in the commentaries what your best hotel reservation pages are. We' ll find the hotel finder pages we've already described as the best, but we're always looking for new pages to try!

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