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Auction on Air Tickets To bid on airline tickets is like negotiating in a gift shop. They begin with an inappropriately low cost and await how far the other side will move. Priceline, the most prestigious airline ticketing site, has been awarded one of the best online ticketing sites by the German airline company "Travel+Leisure". "The" Name Your Own Price" function promotes cost reductions of up to 40 per cent compared to the released ticketing tariff.

Flexilibility is the secret to a successful quest for low prices when placing bids. PreCeline regularly changes its bidting policy and limits the frequency of bids, but you can bid again immediately by slightly changing your sniffer. Begin by setting your offer parameters: airfields, date and time. Verify that there are alternate local airfields near your home base or target.

Determine the distances between your home and final destinations and these smaller airfields to see if it is possible to use them. Then rate your itineraries to see if there is any bobble space on your date of departures or arrivals, or if you can house accommodation or mornings.

The search for kayak, a tariff generator that uses real-time tariff information, is a good notion. Make a reservation for the best fares for your chosen flight and any alternate date you can be on. In the top lefthand area, click on "Show tariff overview" to view the price histories for the tariff you require.

If the rates are currently moving up, you can delay until the rates that have been posted fall before you bid. Return to and click on the labeled "Bid Now" under the title "Name Your Own Price". Choose your main departures and arrivals and your favourite flight date and click on "Bid now".

" On the next page, specify an amount that is 50 to 60 per cent lower than the rates you found previously. Please fill in your details and your number and click on the yellow box "Buy my tickets now". Please hold until Priceline has processed your offer.

Check the Priceline Highlight bid if it is rejected by your bid. If the price seems reasonable to you, please choose this item or repeat your bid using other searches. If you can take these changes into account, consider non-productive hours or alternate hubs and bid again as before.

Start again with different trip data if you have not found a suitable tariff. If you find a lower prize than the one you pay with "Name Your Own Price", Priceline guarantees that it will correspond to the prize, give you some cash back and give you a voucher for your next trips.

Also note that the bid you place on Priceline does not contain any airfield taxes or ticketing surcharges. Born in 2004, Gabi Logan began to write groceries and travelling items.

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