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Offer your price on Priceline

Would you like to book a great (and cheap) holiday? Making a deal with the bidding function of Priceline I' ve just got a 3. 5-star resort in Los Angeles, CA for $50 on Priceline!! Searching our hotels for offers, we went to Priceline to find a bargain.

We' re going to Los Angeles in June and we' ve made our reservation.

This is a great way for Ben from Smart Money Life to ask you a big questions about the qualitiy of the hotels you get when you bid on Priceline. I thought it would be great to tell you a little more about the "Name Your Own Price" option and how we use it for our holidays.

In my opinion, the greatest benefit of using the bid function is that you can get a good accommodation for about half the price of what I see there. Our tendency is to select 3 1/2 stars or higher and the bid function offers us some great saving. Whilst you can get some firm agreements with bids, there are some advice you should know and weighs before using it.

There are no points for some hotels. The only area you can specify is the area for the town you want to be. You can see that the bidding function of Priceline is not suitable for everyone. There are some travellers who are very particular about the hotels they want to spend the night in, or they may want to collect some points.

Before you go ahead and bid, Priceline wrote all the words, so please check them to see if this is something you want. We' re trying to be sensible by offering, and we prefer to spend a little more to get a good accommodation than just choosing the lowest-priced.

Below are some of the ways we have successfully called our own prize and got a great property. Because we cannot select the right type of accommodation, we do this to maximise our opportunities for a sound accommodation. They have a tendency to find more saving on the higher stars. We' re specifically for urban areas.

Since we do not know which hotels we offer, we select the districts and areas in which we would like to stay. As a general principle, I should go at least half the price of Priceline. We went lower than that for or hotels offer, just to see if we could get it adopted and we were snagging our deal. Well, that's not all.

To get an impression of what a bid is, try Better Offer. Browse for your town and see everyone who offers for the data you travel. However, please note that you may not find the precise information you are looking for. It' helpful if you bid at least 4 week from your journey, as you can only bid once a days and your first bid may not be upheld.

Price line asks if you are ready to adjust either the amount of timeout or the connection you are taking. When you know how to bid, Priceline Holidays can give you more pop for your money. When you are hunting on the web you can find some fancy information on getting great deal on flights a...

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