Book multiple Destination Flights and Hotels

Booking multiple destinations and hotels

Multicity holiday packages and travel planners There are so many enticing locations to chose from, why stop at one if you don't have to. The multicentre holidays give you the opportunity to mix two or more places so that you can make the most of each holiday you have. It has never been so easy to customize your journey with our vast airline fleet, over 12,000 hotels around the world and amazing fly-drive packs.

Most of our travel locations are easy to mix and match so you can jump from one town to another and make as many different kinds of outings. Combinations of flights from and to different airfields, multiple hotels for all or part of your holiday and the choice of rental cars for each part of your holiday.

If you want an action-packed route, a town to town or coastal to coastal trip, you can book an individual multi-centre holiday. Have a look at our route recommendations and best combinations, or put together as many flights as you like, with just a few or more overnight stops.

If you wish, you can also rent a vehicle and take a look at our destination adventures. Cannot find contents that fit your search. Select where you fly from and then select your flights to the destination you want to be there. Enter your destination and then select the data you want to take to your next destination.

Please enter your category and your kind of tickets, then your flights are up and running. Please book your accommodation according to your destination. Please set your check-in date so that it matches your date of arrivals and check-outs and your next out. Or, if you prefer, you can book a room in a nearby resort.

Decide how many rooms you need and then continue adding hotels for your other goals in the same way. Then you can customize your favorite options by choosing another resort. Decide more liberty on your adventures and rent a vehicle for your opportunity to discover. Decide the destination for you, whether you want a vehicle for each place you are visiting or just one destination, the choice is yours.

You can either opt to take the vehicle back to the same place or pick another deposit to leave your vehicle. As soon as you have made your journey, take the opportunity to take a look at our travelling extra. You can either take advantage of our international shuttle service to get directly to your hotels or check out our hotels if you have an early morning plane ride.

North America holiday packs from US destinations are not available. Stop in Hong Kong on the way to Sydney or mix Bangkok with the Phuket and Koh Samui sands. No holiday package to the Caribbean from US destinations. Combination of Florence, Venice and Rome or discover the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

For a multicentre South African vacation, why not try Cape Town with the jagged Garden Route coast or Johannesburg with a Kruger National Park wildlife adventures.

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