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The most unbelievable things to do all over the world. The PayDelay offers may vary depending on your travel booking. Can I book your trip? Booking your adventurous mystery holiday today!

Booking your trip - Online booking WordPress, your WordPress themes by topicenergy

WordPress's best-selling topic for every tourist agent, tourist agent, hotel, villa, apartment, resort, rental vehicle and other company active in this area. Book Your Traveller WordPress has triggered a revolutionary WordPress issue and is directly involved in dramatically improving the tourist marketplace - with several thousand happy shoppers we can say that our clients have agreed.

The WordPress topic has been specially created for tourist agents, tourist agents, tourist information providers, automobile rental firms and other businesses. As a fully translated topic, Book Your Travels offers functions such as a high-performance and fully integated reservation system, an availablility check, extended searching filter, front-end managment for partner, evaluation system and much more.

You' website will always look crisp and use 100% of the display on every machine. So you can quickly adapt your website to our demonstration. Eliminate all of the pains associated with creating your new website from the ground up. BuchYourTravel was developed from the ground up on HTML5 based on the best HTML5 semantics and best practice to allow SEOs to index your website contents with ease.

BuchYourTravel Thema contains all the necessary data to be compiled into the desired langua. An efficient bookings system was specially designed for this topic. Included is an extended query, check availabilty, specific query results with extended filter and more. It is your decision whether you want to use the full accounting system with payment or only the accounting system without payment and book manually.

They can also generate additional articles that serve as supplements, such as all-inclusive, Wi-Fi, insurances, cots, child safety beds, and allocate them to lodging cards, travel types, cruises and/or types of cars. The system then adds these line item when you post the invoice. There is also a dedicated area for your partner.

Includes a user-defined sign-up page and a front-end partner portal for easy creation and management of lodging, cruising, touring and hire cars. Every lodging / rent ave / boat / trip / location datatype has its own tab pages and boxes builders in the themed options. This is where you can make your own tab pages that appear on the Individuals, Rent a Cars, Trips, Cruises, Places or Sightseeing.

Or you can set your own revision parameter. You can now simply add your own custom panels from the administration panels. Multiple page styles display extra page configurations after the page is published, allowing you to customize your contents down to the last detail. BuchYourTravel comes with the very much loved revolutionary plug-in that lets you build a fast responding (mobile phone friendly) or wide sliders with must-see effect that makes all contents always legible for SEOs.

With a comfortable drag & drop back end you can adjust this slide control to your needs. Featuring many one-of-a-kind transitions, an imager, auto-play, video embed, and many other easy-to-set custom izable settings to make your own mix. The number of lodgings you want to see in this wizard, how many lodgings you want to see per line, according to which criteria you want to list them (title, ID, randomness, publication date, number of comments), you can select whether you want to show only selected lodgings, whether you want to search by type (s) of lodgings such as appartments, mansions, hotels aso. and more... and if you want to fine-tune the contents of the lodging indicators such as beach, families, wellbeing aso.

It is also possible to select the viewing mode: the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen for side bar areas. Select how many bookings you want to see in this wizard, how many bookings you want to see per line, how you want to see them sorted by criteria (title, ID, random, publication date, number of comments), whether you want to see only marked bookings, whether you want to see only marked bookings, how to search by type (s) such as economics, minis, limo, etc. and more. You can also select bookings tags such as town, electricity, luxuries, etc. if you want to refine the contents.

It is also possible to change the viewing mode: the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen for side bar areas. Decide how many trips you want to see in this wizard, how many trips you want to see per line, what criteria you want to use for sorting them (title, ID, random, publication date, number of comments), whether you want to see only marked trips, if you want to refine the contents, pick types of trips like Families, Sr., Luxuries etc. and trailers like Adventures, Families, Last-Minute etc. .

It is also possible to change the viewing mode: the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen for side bar areas. Now you can specify how many trips you want to see in this wizard, how many trips you want to see per line, what criteria you want to use for sorting them (title, ID, random, publication date, number of comments), whether you want to see only the presented trips, if you want to refine the contents, just specify the type (s) of trip like town, day, week etc. and route tags like adrenalin, story, scenery etc. if you want to fine-tune the conten.

It is also possible to select the viewing mode: the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen for side bar areas. Select how many places you want to see in this widgets, how many places you want to see per line by which you want to organize them (title, ID, random, publication date, number of comments), and whether you want to see only selected places.

It is also possible to select the viewing modes, the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen is used for side bar areas. Select how many places you want to see in this widgets, how many places you want to see per line by which you want to organize them (title, ID, random, publication date, number of comments), and whether you want to see only selected places.

It is also possible to choose the viewing mode: the map screen is used for the contents areas and the small screen for side bar areas. A more detailed query page that can be used on the home page or elsewhere to filter the results page. Extended lookup options are available. They can choose which general filter you want to see (What, Where, When, Price Ranges, Ratings, Stars), make catering / self-catering accomodation / rented cars / Cruises / Tours browsable, determine whether accomodation / rented cars / crusades / route type should be made viewable, and more.

You can enter a name, your name, your postal and telephone number and your e-mail adress. Connecting to your online profile has never been so easy. Include your Facebook & Twitter ID, include url to your Youtube, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Vimeo, Pinterest, Skype, Whatsapp and Instagram profile and RSSfeed, and you'll be fully linked.

You can select on each page whether you want to show the right side bar, the right side bar, both side bars or none. BuchYourTravel Thema support MailChimp and MailPoet plug-ins so you can link your website to your e-mail campaign. There is a customizable mega-menu plug-in you can use to nicely present your menues.

Customize typefaces, colours, backgrounds, etc., and create your own contents and your own journals. Exemplary pictures displayed in the livecample are for demonstration only and are not supplied. They will be substituted with spaces so you can simply substitute your pictures. vers. 21: - Fix WooCommerce 3.0.

  • Bug fixed that occured when the data of the available rooms were divided into sections. - The problem with breadcrumbs that sometimes showed the incorrect name. vice7. 20: - The month entry could not choose the end date if April 1 or February 1 was chosen as the starting date. - Fix the problem with topic choices when the order was changed. vice 19: - Fix date validator in the front end. vice 18: - Fix an error in the shipping calender.
  • Fixes an error when deleting bookings. - Correction of the day and kind of philanthropic URL. - Set the price of the trip and cruises in case 1 passenger is permitted on the trip. - We have solved that it was not possible to choose serialised option for exports to topic items. - Proof-of-Concept document translations problem solved. - Resolutely handicapped cabins in the front end.
  • Workaround with Customize. - Corrects the discrepancies between the ratings on the page of the users accounts. - A fixed total date indicator for accommodations for monthly rent. - Fix month changes for accommodations where end times were limited after 4M. - corrected a double search word in the page. - A min. rate for cruise ships and trips using a unique model.
  • Added picture alto tag to the gallery. vice7. 17: - Click on reservation page, request and check buttons, slide display accordingly high. - Overridden Schedules and Cruises N/A Enddate error in front end scheduler corrected. - Section WooCommerce Reservation Forms ( "Checkout") can now be properly re-named.
  • is an issue in the site listing now. - Now, WooCommerce order and email information includes additional reservation information. - ban the reservation of the same room/accommodation, a trip, a trip, a cruise trip or a vehicle hire within the same vehicle, but allow for discrepancies. - Removed problem with overlapped jobs that did not show the right prices. 16. v7. 16: - Front end submission if 0 converted to '' in anjax and fix.
  • Bug fixing during the reservation of a rented vehicle. - Indication of the additional data in the same way as the other data field for individual wagon hire. - Where the dynamic navigation elements are used for the side bar interior navigation elements, the current classes have been set so that the first entry in the navigation elements is not always selected as the first one. - front-end submitting check box once selected and not stored as not selected.
  • Tag in the sidebar of rental cars, trips, cruises and accommodation are now associated with the day archive. vice7. 15: - Help codes for the route types are not available. vice7. 14: - Several logins and registration pages are now available. - Fix cruise check sums and sync problem. com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key and get an interface button before you put their Google Map on your site.

Once you have received a Google Map Keys, please go to Topic Option -> Configure Preferences and type your Google Map Keys in the "Google Map Keys " box to resume using Google Map on the site. 12. 2007: - Site Viewing, Cruising, Rent a Vehicle, Counting Accommodations. - mrp- url problem with login/registration/reset page on certain server solved. 11. v7: - Taxonomie. php archives page now also treats set up.

  • Meta Serialization Bugfix. v7.10: - Fixes WooCommerce Multilingual shopping basket altogether 0 incompatibilit. - Troubleshooting for posting of rented cars, where appointments were ignored in certain szenarios. - inaccuracy corrected from "Do you want to now show...." to "Do you want to not show...." in user-defined lists.
  • Route results are sorted by name. - When sorting the results, the results now retain the parameters for querying the city. - Bugfix front-end route plan which was not displayed if only routes were activated. - Rules for touring, cruising and accommodation. - sorted by cruise and cruise prices.
  • But now you also need the boxes selected under Topic Option -> Posting Form in WooCommerceChekout. - Accomodations, trips, car rental, trips flagged as "Is reserved only" are no longer checked against would-be-rated. - Trips and crossings not available at the end of the months.
  • The translation "no ratings for articles" has been corrected. - There was a problem with authentification when you clicked Manage Establishments from the edit of a particular shelter. - A price was displayed incorrectly in the position positions if there were no free places in the accommodations. - If you don't use WooCommerce when the Contacts e-mail addres is selected, e-mails are sent to the Contacts and not to thedmin.
  • Corrected the last date of the last four months that was not available in the accommodation calender. - You can also choose different date sums, not cleared errors. - Bug fix where the drop-down list of accommodation did not take into account the minimum and maximum numbers. - An issue with incorrect computation occurred when the last date was set to the last of the last apparent months and the date was set to the last of the last apparent months and each of the new apparent months was set to the date.
  • Browser cache error that occured on some server where the latest Javascript file was not constantly loading on. - Revised header of contacts, bookings and request e-mails to enhance the wp_mail feature and better renders new snippets. Repaired. - Use the Acknowledgement in the right pane of Tours, Cruises, Rent a Vehicle. 00. 05: - Allows the compilation of dynamic generated boxes (from topic options) for reservation form, request form and WPML strings overviews.

Repaired. - There has been a problem sorting the query in other language when using WPML. - We' had a problem with the time zone and housing data. - We' ve corrected the drop-down list and the number of persons was cleared when the "Reset" icon was pressed on the reservation page. - Search widgets no longer allow to find past data. - Pre-selection for lightweightSlider galleries for accomodation, cruise, car rental, tour and location.

  • Movies in Movies - Added Add Page for Browse to Browse. d: 03. 04. v7: 04: - Corrected Vakanz-Felder, which do not show a pick-adv. in the FR. - We solved a problem where the status of WooCommerce integrated in the topic option -> WooCommerce was not taken into consideration correctly when it was checked if transactions were available. In order to ensure that only the correct reservations are regarded as "completed", go to Topic Option -> WooCommerce Inclusion and select the status you want to use. 00.02: - Removes requirement that an extract be placed for places to be displayed in a particular trip and trip. 00.01:00.7: Main functions added: - New additional user-defined entries that can be used by all user-defined mail sorts.

Administrators can now book additional articles together with cruise, tour, car rental and accommodation (e.g. maintenance, baby seats, full board, etc.). - Admitted check-in and check-out tags added to the accommodation so that you can limit your reservations to certain dates of the weeks - e.g. Saturdays to Saturdays. 6. 17: - Corrected issues with additional articles concerning layouts.

  • Use the booking email when a real estate is flagged as "reservation only". 16. 16: - Import/Export function for topic items added. 15. v6: - Insert dashboard-bookings list for lacking user-defined mail items in the frontend (tours, rental cars, cruises). to resolve the WPML incompatibilities that interrupted WPML Widgets translations.
  • Mailto- Link in Adress Window removed. 6. 14: - RevSlider updated to 13: - Problem with one-time trips where the number of persons did not reflect the proper level of accessibility. - Bugfix: Some trips were not correctly added to the WPML cars. - Updated widgets constructor with __construct to meet the requirements of pphp 5 and WP 4. 3.

To update your RevSlider to the latest release, please use the following steps: 6. 12: 11: - Problem with the date of the comments solved. - Errors in date validations for certain date format in the front end have been corrected. - Twice-binary content removal. - Fix problem when searching for non-repeated tours and cruises.

  • Fix the method of the route, travel and hire cars reservation lists to allow for the user_id checklist. - Reactivity-enabled tabular accounting has been added. - Reduction of double shopping basket sums on the shopping basket page. 10. 6. - Bugfix for user-defined WPML tabs and fields translations. - Updated translations of "more info/less info" for accommodation and cruising.
  • The General Information page was not displayed in some places. - We have had a problem with the non-recurring trip timetable. - Un-repeated cruise problem solved. 6.09: - Problem with maximum number of cruise trips solved. v6.08: - Redirection after logon and logoff now. - New booking mechanisms to better take the maximum number of participants into consideration when displaying the number of trips that have been and not.
  • Checkbox for front-end has been redesigned. v6.06: - Problem with user-defined translations of user -defined accommodation boxes corrected. - The minimum duration of your visit is zero by defaults. - Allows the system to display additional tab pages when you rent a vehicle. - The problem with the lookup was solved when the box "What" was faded out.
  • Resolves problem with tours price displayed as 0 in Mozilla Flash and Mozilla. - Workaround for the problem where different language had different number of results when using WPML. 6. 05: - Mail to links bug in the contacts page fix. - Js bug in widgets searching corrected. - Details abolish problem with date formats and route plan in the route reservation mode.
  • Fix date formats problem for other languages (e.g. problems caused by standard date formats in Portugal). - Bug fix. 1 for a few configuration in webpages. - You can also correct the contents of the first page by hiding the first page in the topic option. - Admin' collection has been corrected so that only vacancies/plannings for objects that are in the user's possession are listed if the latter is not Andmin.
  • Worked out a problem with the small widgets that caused a small size listing. - Icon " Insert job offer ", " Insert timetable ", " Insert reservation " added at the top of thedmin-pages. - timezone-date problem with reservation form solved. 00.04: - "What" part of the query widgets is now disabled if only one query options is on.
  • Errors where the Tourplan used the same rate for all appointments of the same trip have been corrected. - The date formats problem for Find widgets, administrators and front end submits, which caused issues for many users, is now fix. The use of administer_url in the call to the functions fixes this.
  • The Car Hire Request List did not show the appointments after the last big upgrad. That is now cured. - Facilitating the presentation of contents caused problems with front-end registration documents (no display of room type, accommodation, etc.). That is now corrected. v6.03: - Problem with the voice ribbon was corrected which did not work well for WPML due to the current WPMLgrade.
  • The Captcha problem when using WPML for different languages has been solved. - fixes the problem with the empty shopping basket for WPML when making a reservation. - Troubles with room type and front-end subject solved. - Tour errors corrected, maximum 1 error. - The problem where item elements in a list did not show a cost if the item was connected to only one lodging was resolved. versus v6.02: - Side bar re-position.
  • changed the way the gallery is hidden after opening the reservation window (was canceled due to a Light Slider upgrade). - an other problem with appointment sharing has been solved. - No more argument in front end submission. - You will see correct captions under things to do for individual accommodation (even if you change the captions under Location additional fields).
  • search only available properties will not be displayed if not selected by defaults. - Fix for which cruising equipment was damaged when accommodation was not activated. 00.01: - The data picker for WordPress lookup was corrected. - In this dialog, new preferences have been added to make each user-defined contribution category browsable via the widgets choices. i6.

Functio 0: - Problem with data base upgrades for some userfixes. - Unearly solved problems with the call of getfault_language. - Problem with HTML validations in the query solved. - Workaround for problems with WPML listing features. - Recording problem solved. - Updated styles. Corrected to have the right one (.v6.00). - In this way, the user can add listen-widgets.

  • Guest-hosted accomodation, tours, cruises, cars, post-list Widget, which can be added to any side bar in map or small format. - added several items and filter on each page of the route, accommodations, cruise and hire cars lists to make them as useful as possible. - added places for cruising.
  • Adding additional display option for route, travel, car hire, lodging is included on map locations. - The page with the individual locations contains additional information about rent ave. - The day like taxonomies added to lodgings, trips, cruises, rent ave ( (in the administrator and also in the page listing, as well as in the right hand side of the detail view).
  • Min. length of stays for accommodation added to limit reservations made on this basis. - The spelling/write rule has been corrected so that user s/locations can now display all sites and /locations/germany can only display one site in United States. - Specific prices for touring, rental cars, cruise and accommodation. - Hardcoded date searching for trips, rental cars, cruise and accommodation.
  • now all the hoteliers, self-catering, touring, cruising, renting a cars in one place under a certain rider instead of just the first 10 of each. - Allows the users to have /locations/europe show all sites in Europa (if Europa is labeled as "Display As Directory?") and /locations/europe/germany show the current site in United States.
  • bookings forms, so that the appointments are no longer chosen in the format itself, but in the table of available places (for trips, accommodation, cruises). - Press the Reservation Questionnaire to clear the selection (for trips, accommodation, cruises). - Find-Widget is a completely redesigned and can now be used to show/hide filtering and modify captions in the management area of the widgets.
  • Such-Widget can be used on the homepage as well as in the Sidebar.
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