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I' ve never rented a car through a third booking agent, only directly through the car rental service. Does anyone have car booking expertise through What kind of car rental does offer? When the prices at are lower than the direct trade, proceed.

There was no special rental, it was an optional booking through She went to several different car rental companies. You should keep away from such agents. When they tell you canĀ“t who is the supplier of the car, make sure it is a kind of sinister rental outfit.

Isn' t that the primary reason for booking through third parties like,,, Dohop, Expedia, Kayak, makers trip and others? Bookings at "I-don't-care-who-is" of the booking page have agreements with (and get commissions from) getting some offers? It is my belief that (above all) the most renowned booking system in the whole wide globe ensures that its business partner is solidly entrenched in the business.

I would suggest a booking directly. Actually this particular booking website was telling me up front who the car rental place was, i.e., Avis, Hertz, etc. I' d already bought a car through one of these agents and out of interest I entered the same car specifications and the prices actually came out less, the same car, the same agent.

However, they did offer an "insurance plan" and demanded a small repayable caution. On both sides I chose the rental firm they were referring me to and knew which one I was with. There was one case where the lowest cost firm I do not do a deal with (yes - crappy-car-rental is not restricted to Iceland!), so I was able to choose the second lowest price.

You must be aware of the insurances available when using these pages. I was always given additional desktop choices in Europe. A number of pages (e.g. provide the possibility of taking out liability insurances from Allianz. I myself let my debit cards cover it.

Remember that in Iceland I am not sure if the sands and ashes (rarely needed) or shingle coverage (definitely if you are planning to get out of Reykjavik) would work.

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