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Reservation of business trips

Increasing numbers of travelers book their travels themselves. One of Gulliver's friends recently heard disastrous information in the shape of a corporate governance reform. He and his staff would no longer be able to make their own bookings and claim refunds. Instead, the company would buy the airline ticket of all staff right from the beginning. However, many businessmen may not see it that way.

Phocuswright, a travel research company, found that more and more staff are booking their travels themselves and claiming refunds. This can sometimes provide a better route: travelers can prevent tiresome stopovers and airline companies reserving a certain anger for them. Suppose you book a plane from London to New York.

However, if you choose to fly at a favorite point in the day, it can be $1,000. Then, you' ll include the costs of a few overnight stays in a motel, transportation to and from the city and the airports, and a few meals. Overall, you could be on your way to the 12,500 points required for an ordinary US internal trip.

Happiness is all from a brief overseas journey - but only if you use your own bank account. Those who are booking their own journeys - called "rogue travellers" by the New York Times - are still in the vanguard. In most cases, a travel agency or a company booking service is used. More and more are turning away.

It is possible because the policy of the company is usually very adaptable when booking corporate travel. The Phocuswright survey shows that 8-10% of businesses have "tightly managed" guidelines, i.e. staff must use certain vendors and are not refunded when they use others. This means that around 90% of enterprises allow staff to opt for an air carrier, airport, hotels or taxis.

Even in streamlined businesses, more than half of the workforce say they can use any carrier and almost half any hotels or rent ave. However, the use of this type of information also enables the employer to keep an eye on his people. A number of organizations do this with a number of tools such as TripLink, a booking centralization solution from Concur, a travel expenses company.

The employer can supervise the postings of all staff to make sure they are in line with company policies. Others use applications to keep an eye on employees' travel. It is particularly useful when people are travelling to fragile parts of the globe. That is, villain travelers don't get really villainous when their unrelated reservations are under increasing controls.

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