Bookit com car Rental

Booksit com car rental

Don't use - they don't pay hotel - Bargain Travel Forum I' ve reserved a room in Isla Mujeres on, it was payed and approved the same date (about one and a half months before our arrival). We got a telephone from an hours before our arrival, saying that the "hotel would not keep our reservation", and they wanted to move us to a much poorer and much less expensive place (on December 23, so good luck with the next reservation).

They said they hadn't gotten a money from in two month and cancelled all their bookings with them two month ago. We had a dispute with the bookit that we would not take the offered motel and got a "move" to a similar but Cancun.

They' re not providing any reimbursement, nor will they answer our phone numbers. I found out after a short quest that we are not the only ones with this edition and doesn't seem to pay for any of their properties. Why not make your booking directly with the landlord and get rid of the agent?

But it' s my favorite, and sometimes even your accommodation will agree with any lower prices you find at a third person. Bookings were made in April and we fully remitted at the beginning of December. When we arrived at the guesthouse we were told that Bookit hadn't payed her for 2 month.

We' re said that if Bookit hadn't paid before we check out, we would be liable to cover what Bookit owes the city. We' re still 2 working nights away and I'm not hold my breath that any of Bookit's payments are coming. Unfortunately, this is just another nightmare about the OTA Hotelbuchungsgesellschaft, which wrecked a traveler's holidays.

Simply pay a little more and make a direct booking or go with a proven, serious MOTA like and avoid the stresses and fears of working with these people.

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