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The" Frugal Traveler" section of the New York Times (http://frugaltraveler.blogs.nytimes.com/) offers a wealth of first-hand tips, information and perspectives on international travel on a budget.

Up to 10 Useful Travel Sites

A lot of websites make high pledges, but only a few keep. We have searched the web for 10 important websites for today's traveller, from making a reservation, to creating a route, to trackin' airline frequentmiles. While the web should make things simpler for travellers, the mere amount of service is often more compelling than useful.

You can use our top pickers to help you prevent overpayment (Bing Travel), pack the best room in a resort (Hipmunk) and never miss an offer for a hire vehicle booking (AutoSlash). A few of our favourites are as useful as a mind-reading travel guidebook (Plnnr), others are as practical as a private clerk tracking your traveler balance sheets (Award Wallet).

As with other websites, you can compare Bing travel documents from over a hundred sources. You can also buy Bing travel documents here. In addition, Bing is the only air fare research site that has verified its forecasts independent. Book a car from a favourite AutoSlash agent through the AutoSlash website and the website will immediately start to track fare changes for your reservations.

If you give more detail - make and type of your vehicle, the number of passengers in your group, whether you would take a cab to the airfield - the more precise are the estimations. It even contains an estimation of the CO2 emissions for each type of travel for environmentalists. If you have a whole or a few hour's time, Plnnr can create a (free!) tailor-made point-to-point travel guidebook for 20 favorite cities in North America and Europe.

Indicate the duration of your visit, the required levels of active life and interests (e.g. outdoor, children's activites and culture), and the website offers a fully elaborated travel plan, which takes into account the opening and closure time of the individual attractions as well as the travel time between the locations by cab or on foot. 2. You' ll find a place to fell in lov.

People behind Hipmunk's flight and accommodation research know that good travel is more than just numbers. Better yet, Hipmunk's Hotelsearch Engine has built-in color-coded thermal maps to show the best places to eat, shop, night life, sights, and more. You don't have an overorganized guy in your travel team?

Simply forward any e-mail receipts from a reservation of a plane, accommodation, car hire or luxury yacht to your trip it bankroll and the site will collate the ticket numbers, gates information and other related articles so that you never appear in the incorrect place at the incorrect moment or with the incorrect verification number.

It also provides seating tips for air travel, link to on-line check-in, air traffic update, meteorological forecast and route descriptions. tripit.com. Whilst any old travel website can include some soft-ware functions and call itself "the Facebook of travel", triplet is paving the way for real face-to-face interaction in around 130 nations around the world.

If you are not travelling yourself, you can make good travel money by reading travel guides for people visiting your home town. tripping.com. Think of it as the equivalent of TripIt's travel information-gatherer. Rationalize your family's range of airline and fidelity programmes and put them together in a unique, easy, point-by-point bundle.

Simply fill in your login details for each of your accounts; Award Wallet deducts your point balance and expiry date so you know you need to act when you're about to lose them. Blurb is a bespoke publishing house that lets you create and produce a softcover or hard-back travel picture gallery with stunning travel picture designs and high-quality ink, papers and covers.

You can also use Blurb as a free slideshow or by selling a copy of the books through its web store. blurb.com.

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