We' ve booked our holiday flights with cheap airplanes flying with Ryanair airplanes. Flugshop Budgetair, facts, opinions and tips on the flight shop. It is a warning for everyone who wants to book a flight with BudgetAir!

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BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! It is a wake-up call for everyone who wants to book a BudgetAir ticket! I was looking for the Winnipeg, MB to Indianapolis, ID plane on November 14th to see my mom on her fiftieth anniversary. I' ve come across a lot of Budgetair.ca.

I tried to make an on-line reservation and an accident occurred, so I phoned the 1-800 line so they could help me. I talked to a woman who was helping me rebook my plane just to find out that I've now got two seats to Indianapolis. I receive an e-mail from Budget Air on November 8. "We recently got your on-line reservation enquiry.

Our qualitiy department has found that your order could not be handled at the original indicated rate. Unfortunately, the carrier could not pay the above rate, so your flight cancellation was made. It was $584. It's now twice as much.

Now, you be careful. BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, Mandy, I'm sorry you had a bad time. BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! GRANDBUDDAIR! I' ve arranged a plane ride from Chicago to Toronto to take my older father to the clinic for oncology. Once I had made my reservation - no deal at $386 - and the Budgetair register card shut down, I saw three more register cards that were still open, with prizes below my $386.

I phoned Budgetair this mornings - of course not a toll-free number - and the waiting time was more than 7 mins. Well...... the loan would only be for a $250 exchange charge or less, so my $386 plane is at most $138 and probably no more. Yeah, I should have taken out airline travel cover.

However, the fact that I had such a poor launch when I initially chartered the plane and tried to get in touch with them, coupled with a seemingly sluggish way of doing deals in an overcrowded online aviation community, trained me to stay with the established big boys: BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a reason why not make a direct reservation with the carrier? BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! There is a rebooking cost charged by all carriers, and the price differential for your tickets exchanges and other on-line reservation pages will also impose a handling cost on you. If you send me an e-mail to feedback@budgetair.com with your travel ID, attn: Ashleigh, I can take a look at your reservation and verify the option of a health disclaimer.

BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, I would like to make some bookings on budgetair.co. uk, but there are some things that make me nervous: BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! Budget air makes their fares slightly lower than airlines by purchasing in large quantities. While a well-known carrier may be the carrier - please be aware that you do not have the same level of security as if you booked directly with that carrier.

I am with child and they declined to cancel or even modify our tickets because they are the owners of the tickets (payment was made through them), the company could not help and Budgetair could not bother to take our case to the companies - just rejected on the basis of the specified terms of the tickets.

BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! Budget Air Caution! You blew my reservation - they didn't actually take any part of my comeback. When I discovered the problem a fortnight before my departure, Budget Air support tossed me around for 2 nights until I got upset. I had Vayama jump around for 2 whole months before they changed me to another plane.

I got a confirmation of my departure 3 nights before the planned departure. "It was always the same response, and yet no one would really solve it because they were allegedly awaiting a higher being to cancel for the higher-priced plane. Overall, terrible experience....they were very apologious, but I don't think any number of excuses can tell why it took about 10 different customer support agents and nearly 3 weeks to re-book a segment of my homeward trip.

BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! I' m sorry you're so disappointed with your experiences with Budgetair. BudgeAir Caution!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, I checked the board before making a reservation with Budge AA and I chose to take the chance, because the costs were huge. I' ve made my reservation by plastic cards, just in case I have to use the Visa security.

We have made this journey several time and used different suppliers, among others directly with the airlines, Expedia, Opodo and Dial A Flie. Budget-air offers came back via Skyscanner with up to 400 less per fly than the competitors, with the next one being almost £300 more! After working with Dial-A-Flight for many years, I phoned them and after hearing about a'customer discount' they were still over 250 more per ticket!

I was also told that there was no way that the show was going to be actual because it was below the retail prices, and that I should review the ratings for BudgetAir before I book with those who felt a little like acid bunches of grape for me. Anyway....I made a reservation with BudgetAir last evening, got a receipt and e-tickets within 2h.

Today I asked the airline about their reservations checkers and all of my ticket are reserved and valid! I had a great time with BudgetAir, the person on the telephone (I phoned to check prices) even told me to make a booking over the web as it would be less expensive!

I wouldn't be worried about 7 or 8 adverse incidents in comparison to the number of clients they need to have, they are far more likely to posting something when they are angry than when they are satisfied with a particular one!

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