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Cancell your hotel reservation on Expedia via your itinerary. Expedia CEO wants to get back to work after the fight against Trump After an otherwise routinely winning call in February, Expedia (EXPE) CEO Dara Khosrowshahi expressed thanks to his staff and said: "Hopefully we will all be still life to see the end of next year. The call was over. In the first few months of the new government, the colourful comment made only served to help Khosrowshahi and Expedia become one of the frankest critic of trumps in an economic sector full of trumps.

Expedia dumped a new ad on the anniversary of the dedication of Trump, pointing out the importance of travelling to combat "narrow-mindedness" and "prejudice. "Ten inches later, Expedia became one of the first in the technology sector to appeal Trump's travelling bans in court. He said he stood for "our travellers and our immigration roots".

" When you tried to make a slide to Trump in a lab, you couldn't be much better than Khosrowshahi. He is an Irishmanian fugitive who has become a prosperous law enforcement agency; Trump is an law enforcement official with unkind attitudes towards Iran and IDPs. Mr. Khosrowshahi operates a global employee and customer base; Trump wants to limit trips for some of them.

Khosrowshahi, however, has no wish to remain in the limelight. I am glad," says Khosrowshahi, who came to the USA with his wife and daughter after the 1978 Ir. revolu... "Khosrowshahi explained that the choice to interfere in the policy struggle for migration and banning travellers was more the exceptional than the normal.

Kyosrowshahi described himself and Expedia as largely "apolitical" in the general population. Expedia may be more open-minded, but its clients are" many Trump fans", as Khosrowshahi puts it. And Expedia is not trying to distort them - any more than it has already done. "We' ve had some customer complaints," Khosrowshahi acknowledges the reaction to Expedia's policy statement.

" Within Expedia, Khosrowshahi has worked to make staff members empowered by important policy issues such as the US and Brexit elections. "Khosrowshahi certainly didn't make us felt like fugitives, but in retrospect," Khosrowshahi told the staff in an in-house memorandum at the end of January, after the suspension of the trip, about his own experiences.

" Khosrowshahi may also be well liked by the general population for his reflections on migration policies, Iran and Iran, but he says he is "reluctant" to become "more of a personality of civil life" for these topics. "I am an migrant.... and this track record has definitely given me the chance to talk about an important topic personally," says Khosrowshahi.

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