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Can' t contact for days by phone or email. Albumta bulletin board Then I received an e-mail with a flight plan amendment. I' ve been spending most of the last 3 nights reaching Expedia to arrange my flight and reschedule it if necessary. I am not about to leave, but this is supposed to be a reminder to others who have made bookings through the website.

When you need to modify your schedules, cancelling or updating your route, etc. if you have posted via Expedia, the changes must be made via Expedia. That' s incredibly annoying and I'm very sorry for everyone else who's travelled in the last few nights and had problems because Expedia hasn't responded.'s Incredibly Bad Service - Canada Forum

I' ll never do deal with Expedia again. Ca. I asked the fares by phone for my 5 members of my whole familiy before making a reservation. I' m told:'Yes, if it's on our website, it's available', so I went ahead and made a reservation. I then received an e-mail from Expedia. About 1 of my flying was canceled and called immediately.

On the next morning I get another e-mail saying that 2 out of 5 of my flight were canceled and I should call them immediately. After 2 hours and 12 minutes of waiting I had to go to a meet. The next morning I telephoned three more time.

Third times I phoned the same thing and now I am very disappointed and angry and was said that the waiting should still take 5 or 10 inches. Before I had to go, I was on the line for FOUR AND THREE MEETS only. I' ve sent a lot of e-mails through the tag mentioning my frustrations and length in the queue.

When I was in the queue, I phoned from my mobile and talked to someone after 20 minutes in the queue. I had her call me back and she help me with cancelling my reservations with Expedia. Also, I got a call from your flight centre around 6:00 last evening. On several occasions I asked for the name of superiors, executives and the chief executive officer and was asked to "google" them.

I' ll never do dealings with Expedia again. Unfortunately, your is not a one-of-a-kind event. When he purchased the domainname and created the website, he was on a queue for over nine hour and tried to get through to I' ve been working on Expedia, too. I waited about 12 hrs for three day and got through to another plane.

On the next day I received another e-mail saying that the incident had occurred again, another plane was canceled and I had to call as soon as possible. I' ve sent them an e-mail and informed them that I want to cancelling my reservation with them. This has been approved by Delta carriers and the Delta website states that they have a 240 policy which states that a passenger has the right to terminate a reservation if a regular service is canceled and there are no other alignments.

Sent several emails to their technical assistance and asked for help with the transfer of the plane and got no answers. As I sent the e-mail requesting cancellation of my trip, I quickly got a reply that I had to contact her and that many of her reservations could not be refunded.

Your waiting time is just ludicrous.

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