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The best Cab Booking Platform Builder. Offer users the best experience in booking, tracking and managing taxis. Upgrade your new car rental website! Win new customers and increase your sales Start your stylish, fully featured car rental website and manage your fleet and bookings online!

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The user can select a specific vehicle model and then continue with the specification of his collection area. Prior to the conclusion of the booking, the user will also receive an estimation of costs including prices on the basis of distances and default rates. Pre-booking fares can be viewed and even the default fares with price list and surcharges can be analyzed via Book a Side.

There is a detailled tariff map available to the consumer, with which they can view and analyse the pre-calculated tariffs for base and additional kilometres. Once the chauffeur has successfully concluded a booking, he can flag it as complete under My trip.

The system provides automated invoicing after the trip has been successfully completed. Would you like to establish a taxi company in your area?

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Allow your customer to make payment on-line as soon as they make a booking. Edit postings on line and enter postings from the backend system by hand. Specify the vehicle's booking period, waiting period and other advance booking regulations. In addition, you can create several collection and delivery points and help your customer find their way around by placing them on a convenient Google Map on your location page.

Specify the default rate for the vehicle booking per hours and per days.

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Backseat of your taxi with Ola Playl! Old-fashioned driving without having to wait and bargain for the prize. It' a comfortable way to go every day. Punctually, every single one. You can no longer cut your travelling times by at least 50% as with Ola Bike.

Just press a single push on a bicycle and travel within a few moments at the best prices in the city! These compact yet convenient AC vehicles can accommodate up to 3 persons and offer excellent value for your investment. Low tariffs for shorter trips. This is a regularly scheduled, convenient AC fastback that becomes your daily, reliable drive.

Highly valued riders and a hand-picked pool of the best vehicles with additional leg room and pan. Automobiles with console entertainers in the driver's cabin that let you enjoy watching films, listening to audio and staying in touch on the go. Top-of-the-range luxurious automobiles such as Mercedes, BMW and Audis powerful by auto-connect Wi-Fi, at unrivalled prices & great value hourpacks.

Booking an e-rickshaw trip on-line and travelling shorter journeys without having to worry about the management and organisation of changes. Ola's offer allows you to reserve a taxi locally in dark blue and white, just like any other Ola cabin.

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