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Economical car and truck hire In addition to five-star services and a wide selection of car rentals, Thrifty also has great value for money to make your ride even more pleasurable! Use Thrifty's car hire services below. You can get a 20% discount on our favourite Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander (or similar) for a short period if you collect from Friday to Sunday.

Hurry up, this promotion ends soon! Booking one of our great vehicles like the Mitsubishi ASX, Ford Eco Sport, Mitsubishi Outlander or Toyota Kluger and get 10% discount. The Thrifty Nifty Car is a smart car to hire for 7 days! All New Hyundai Accent, Thrifty with a spacious 100 kilometers per days inclusive.

Of only $23 per night for 7 or more nights or for short term use, prices begin at $40 per night for 1-2 nights & $33 per night for 3-6 years. Bring your next renting to a new standard with our Mercedes-assortment. Don't miss this offer is only available for a short while.

Rent a Car and Specials

Not only do we offer you great cars and extraordinary services, Thrifty provides great cost saving and advantages through special promotions all over the state! Thrifty has a range of specials, specials, car category upgrade and bonuses to help you make the most of your next rent.

Just click on the package you like and make your booking. Don't forget to sign up for our Hot offers eNewsletter by using the subscriptions below. With Thrifty you could be saving 10% if you stay with us all year. Threeby Thrifty provides the best price of the days on all our car rentals.

For an even wider range, have a look at the car hire offers we have available, such as extra rebates and free up-grades. Making big things move can be stressing enough! All Australia's top car clubs are exclusively car hire partners and every member of the Australian car clubs enjoys daily privileges, with 15% discount on the best price of the days.

Advantages for NRMA, RIACV, RACQ, RAA, RAC, RACT, AA and ADAC members. Thrifty's partner ecosystem allows you to benefit from our promotions.

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