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Free, easy and fast car rental and airport transfer comparison. Rent a car in the USA and experience entertainment and culture like no other. West Coast Tour of America Home to an almost never-ending array of astonishing places, each of the 50 states has its own unique neighborhoods and allures. They have the massive high-rises of the big metropolitan areas like New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles in balance with the little midwesterly charms of the towns of Missouri, Wisconsin and Michigan.

DriveNow car hire in the USA, of course. So many great places, you don't have enough to rely exclusively on means of transportation that can be delayed or cancelled, not to speak of the unappetizing people you might have to deal with on the way. Take your vacation fate into your own control with DriveNow's low-cost car hire USA and head for all the amazing parts of North America and wait for your destination.

DriveNow offers car rental solutions in the major western capitals, such as Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas and San Diego, in supplement to Los Angeles and San Francisco Airport, making it easy to book a rental car in the United States. Making a stop on the way to the United States is a good season to say "Aloha" to Hawaii, perhaps the most beautiful of all 50 states.

Take a flight to Honolulu airport and hire a US car hire company to make sure you can see most of O'ahu isle. Or you can get in your car and go to the north shore to admire the sand and waterfall. The Honolulu is a great way to start your journey to the USA, and all its astonishing appeal is within easy reach using inexpensive car hire in the USA.

Los Angeles, one of the world's leading cities of amusement, is the place to be when Hollywood nobility, good food and great food and great shops are your idea of a good age. DriveNow's car hire in Los Angeles can give you the bikes you need to take everything with you before you leave the city.

Probably the most appealing thing about La La La Land, besides the A-list VIPs you'll always see in town, is the great show. Don't overlook some of the astonishing nibbles from the hundred trolleys in town.

A further attraction of Los Angeles is that it can be a great starting point for beautiful street tours at your car hire company in the USA. Whichever way you go, you'll be on course for a lifetime. Drive northbound on Pacific Highway 1 to San Francisco, a favorite of many Australians.

Simply make sure you allow a little more to get there, as this picturesque itinerary, one of the most popular street tours in the US, is full of picturesque breaks and nice cities to be in. Unwind in the beach city of Malibu or take a walk on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk before you reach the city on the bay.

You can easily get to Las Vegas if you have direct contact with a car rental company in America. It will take about four hour's driving experience, so it is a viable journey for you and your passengers if you want to spend most of your travel in LA. You can also go to Sin City and return your rental car to Las Vegas airport before embarking on your next adventures.

Allow yourself a few evenings to enjoy all the excitement and have enough spare hours to take your hire car to the Grand Canyon. Sometimes, in a town that lives on abundance, sometimes less is more. Several of North America's best-known and most popular places are on the east coast of the United States.

Boston and Washington DC are three rewarding cultural venues. Better yet, DriveNow car hire in the USA allows you to explore all three major towns on your own without having to reserve a pile of domestic air travel. For those who want to inspect the east part of the USA, a flight to Boston airport and a car hire service is a good way to get started.

But before you take I-90 West to I-84 and drive towards the Big Apple, you should devote some quality in Beantown. Traveling through New Yorkity itself can be a dream, so we recommend using local transportation whenever possible. However, if you are willing to travel outside the boundaries of the town, whether for a single stop or the next stop on the eastern shore, you can spare yourself a journey to and from JFK airport with your own key phrase.

From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty to the Museum of Modern Art, New York's top attraction lists are inexhaustible. If you want a little more action, you can take a leisurely promenade through Central Parc or the High Line, a previously unexploited railway line over the town that has turned into a promenade and parkland.

Manhattan's renowned Madison Square Garden, known as The World's Most Famous Arena, is home to the New York Knicks classical Basketballmannschaft, as well as the New York Rangers Eishockeymannschaft. The Barclays Centre in Brooklyn is home to the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders.

In New York you will also find the world-famous New York Yankees and the New York Mets, both of which are basketball clubs, as well as the jets and giants of AFC. Fortunately for you, you can see them all with your USA car hire. From New York City, take the New Jersey Turnpike South to I-295 South in Delaware.

In and around the National Mall on the bank of the Potomac River you will find some of the most important scenery in all of America. It is recommended to fly to Dallas airport and take a trip on the street around the state, as there are several towns worth visiting.

In Dallas itself there are some great countrymusic locations as well as the all-powerful Billy Bob's Texas. Brought a cookbook, download the podcast and take your place to join the smoky barbecue. So whether you're flying or relying on low-cost rental cars in the US, you should try to do everything you can to get to New Orleans to experience its funk, proud sophistication.

There is a lively, breathtaking ambience to the town, providing a lively setting for your sojourn. The Bourbon Street in the French Quarter gets a bit of fuss and is certainly definitely deserving a visit, but there is much more going on in the town than colourful beverages in large mugs.

Fritters from the famous Café du Monde and a Wels-Po'boy slice keep your appetite going, and the wind instruments from various places and on the street are a delight for your eyes. Visit old orchards, go on a marsh hike or stroll through the large Victory houses that populate the roads to get a full picture of what this vibrant, enchanting town is all about.

Whatever kind of tunes you play, watch a show at the historical Grand Ole Opry. Beginning in the 1920' as monthly shows, each weeks has expanded to several shows, attracting some of the greatest performing artists in the countryside to the sacred world.

There is no need for your US car hire as this part of Lower Broadway in Nashville city centre is filled with bars that produce fantastic tunes every single evening of the year. It' not for nothing that Nashville is known as " The City of Musicals "! Tennessee's other treasure, Memphis, is slit in the southwestern edge of the state and also provides a great season for travelers.

Playing a major part in creating blue musical styles, Beale Street is still home to a great venue group. Fly quickly to Orlando airport, hire a car and take the FL-528 East to Walt Disney World. Finding the latest offers on USA car hire can be a disappointing procedure.

Just reserve your US car hire and make the payment when you collect your car. Use DriveNow to rent a car in the USA? DriveNow prides itself on our commitment to providing the best car hire services in the U.S. and understands that this is not all about getting the best car hire offer on line.

However, some offer a supplement and limits on the types and sizes of available hire car (usually smaller vehicles) for younger riders aged 21-25 years. Automobile hire - automatic or manual? Review your car hire policy when you pick up your car in the USA.

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