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TF-X fits into a single garage or a standard car park. A flying car is a futuristic dream that has long been unattainable. Future of private transport This transition is making news. Latest enhancements and system will be integrated and validated in the next testvehicle. First series-produced cars will be on the road in 2019.

"We' ve reached a crucial point where we can apply the best construction characteristics on the basis of years of flying and driving tests.

That improves functionality, security and esthetics for an optimum flight and ride experience."

How come planes are so much more safe than automobiles?

Almost everyone I know who is driving a car will tell me that he can "drive". They' re always following too closely. In many cases, they do not indicate changes of track and turns and are unnecessarily slow when they do. These do not change into any particular road way, often also between the two. You get into the right hand side of the road either at the last moment or a few mile too early and block the right-hand side of the road for incoming and outgoing people.

You don't seem to have any idea what other riders are up to.... seem suprised that the car on the platform is trying to connect to the power. You' re gonna get to ride, then you' re gonna ride. You' ll take classes until you're good enough to get a pilot's certificate ("pilot's license"), then you'll study every single flight whenever you come into the flight deck.

When you have launched your car and the brakes feel different, would you turn them off and call a breakdown van, or go and see if it's okay? An object that is potentially life-threatening and crucial to security may feel false.... and yet > 90% of the riders will probably take it at least to the mechanics.

When you travelled a lot with the airlines, you probably had to be on the floor while a technician was checking something the crews didn't quite like. Is your car repairman licensed to work on your car? Is it possible to loose his licence or go to prison if he fits an uncertified part into your car?

Airplanes are followed by charts showing every wireless turret larger than 200? When two airplanes at the same height, nearer than 1/2 a horizontal or 500 feet overtake each other vertically, that is a BIG DEAL. Oncoming goods transport is nominal divided by a height difference of 1000? There is at least one flight control officer observing every aircraft in the US all the way through, and at least two of them are likely to be very alert in high-frequency areas such as near an airport.

Really, the most important thing is that the planes take care of the floor.

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