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You can also see in the title of each car how old it is. Amsterdam Car Hire - Compare car rental rates in Amsterdam The Dutch capitol is also known as the "Venice of the North". It' s channels are world-famous and there are over 290 footbridges in the centre of the town. The Netherlands is the crossroads of culture, with renowned art galleries, theatres and the only operatic venue in the state.

With 750,000 residents, Amsterdam is the biggest town in the Netherlands. Amsterdam's population is known to be open-minded and persevering, with their heart in the right place. It was built at the confluence of the Amstel and Het IJ rivers, where it got its name (Amstelredamme).

Situated in the western part of the state. The services industry is the most important for the Amsterdam business community. It is the Dutch capital. Amsterdam Schiphol International is also a major player in the city's economic development. Moreover, the town has a thriving harbour, although it is insignificant in comparison to Rotterdam.

The old town centre with its channels, countless musea and a relaxing ambience is a magnet for visitors. Dutch people also like to come to Brussels for one or more nights. In the southwest of the town is Schiphol, formally named Lady Airport, one of the largest European aerodromes with flights to all five corners of the globe.

Low-cost carriers use Eindhoven and Rotterdam airports. There is also a subway in Amsterdam, but this is of little value to towngoers. You can reach all means of transportation (including those with a border!) with a so-called strippingticket. It is subdivided into areas. Downtown consists of a unique area.

There are no broad avenues in the centre of Amsterdam. There are relatively tight roads and channels, and the outcome is often a road congestion, which is why Amsterdam ers often use local transportation or a bicycle. It is not always simple to find a parking space in the centre of Amsterdam.

It' better to leave your rental car at one of the car parkings in and around the centre and to take the tramway. Throughout the town, there is a set of dynamical signposts showing which car-parking garages still have free parking space. In the outskirts of the town there are several parking lots (Sloterdijk railway stations, Amsterdam Arena, Zeeburg).

Parking there will give you a free pass for local transportation. You need to reserve rooms in Amsterdam in advanced, especially in high seasons (spring to autumn). Outside the town centre there are also many hostels, and the town' s small footprint makes it easy to stay in one of them.

A number of a number of establishments may be fully occupied due to large scale exhibition or conference venues, especially near the RAI in the southern part of the town. And for more information about Amsterdam, we suggest Google, and the following sources:

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