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Receive an offer for a cheap car rental. Be it a car, van, SUV or truck rental, working families can get good car rental deals and drive in style for less. Reliable service and a large fleet of rental vehicles. Browse several websites to find the type of vehicle you want to rent. Take advantage of our experience to guide you through the car rental process.

Rent a Car Booking Offers and Prices

To request a quotation, call our reservations team immediately or call +1 888 749 8227. If not otherwise indicated, the rental fee shown on the last page of the onlinebooking: the rental fee is included: An offer should only serve as a guide and is only valid once a reservation/confirmation has been received.

No. Our offers/rates/prices vary during the course of a single working days, as our pricing depends on the stock levels and the demands of our fleets. Fees may vary at any moment, but the cost of bookings will not be changed unless the tenant requires a modification of the same. No. Once you have a confirmation of your rental, the cost will not be changed unless you as the tenant have applied for a modification of the same.

Reserving on arrivals does not involve full prepayment until the rental car is collected. As a rule, these reserves are more expensive than those prepaid. Advantage of paying on your check-in is that these arrangements are free of charge for cancellations and changes. Prepaid rentals are subject to full rental at time of rental, whether you confirm your rental on-line (through our website), through a third party/agency (paid to the agency) or with our rental staff on the phone.

When cancelling a pre-paid reservation, a cancelation charge may be made up to the full rental price.

Transparency of a car rental offer: Concealed charges

Do you ever notice when you require a quote from a car rental firm that the amount that' entered in the quote will seldom match what you end up making payments for? We do this because most car rental firms offer you without what we call hiding charges in the business.

Is there a concealed fee? Concealed rates are quite widespread in Costa Rica car rental agencies, most firms do not make full offers when you get in touch with them, but instead make "basic fees" available to you in this one. But when you go to the ticket office to collect the car, they will go to explaining about other expenses such as insurance and surcharges.

This fee must be added to the closing invoice, and what is worse: it is "obligatory". Is there anything in an Adobe Rent a Car offer? Include all obligatory charges in Adobe Rent a Car offers. Note that there are extra insurance and non-mandatory choices you can choose from, such as car and advanced protection, GPS, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, child safety seats and boosters, car safety shelves and more.

To order one of these extra articles, please don't mention this to our reservation agents. How about other car rental agencies? Whilst Adobe lists everything that is obligatory in its offers, other businesses only display the base price. As a result, the customer has the feeling of getting a much lower price from another car rental company.

Which are obligatory charges? The only thing required by legislation is third parties third parties indemnity insurances (PLI). No one should be driving a car in Costa Rica without third parties third parties motorinsurances. Extra charges levied aren´t required by statute, but obligatory to hire with this special rental car.

Do I need to know about other taxes that will be charged as "Mandatory"? We´ve saw other car rental firms that add registration taxes, environment taxes and airports taxes as obligatory. If you are not willing to pay these costs, please keep them hidden until you get to the ticket office, unless you ask them to do so. No. Adobe Rent a Car does not levy any of the above rates.

Quoting everything that is obligatory at that´s, we want the customer to know exactly how high the end rate will be when he picks up the car. What can I do to prevent me from being fooled by hidden charges? Please always ask the car rental service to make every individual charge and insurer that´s compulsory.

Remember that Costa Rica has tonnes of hills and dales, tough streets, small bends and potholes. We' ll be glad to provide you with a complete offer for your car in Costa Rica.

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