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More than 95 car rental stations are located in Canada, and the most frequented is Toronto, ON. Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Hertz and Discount Car & Truck Rental are the most sought after car rental companies in Canada. We recommend November and February for the best availability.

Canadá is the second biggest state in the worid and an area that still has a new feel. Trans-Canada Highway, which links all ten counties, is over 8000 km long - the best way to make the most of your stay in Canada is to drive directly to the car rental counter when you get there.

When you are on the road in the hibernation period, ask your car rental agency if the car is fitted with either weatherproof or weatherproof tires. Also, find out if your landlord provides an icecrater and a snowbrush. In Calgary, the lowlands of the Canada prairie encounter the Rocky Mountains. Located in the south of Alberta, this is one of the youngest, biggest and most dynamic centers in the state.

Banff National Park, one of Canada's most beautiful nature reserves, is only an hour's car ride from town. If you are interested in rock climbs or ski, the Rockies are an incomparable outdo. June- August is the best season for good season. Edmonton, the capitol of Alberta, is Canada's most northerly town with a large urban area.

In bitterly chilly winter the town has come up with some imaginative ways to keep itself warmer and more entertaining. For those interested in preventing snows and ice-cold winter in Edmonton, go to town from June to August when it's hot and there are a number of festivities. Winnipeg is regarded as the beginning of Canada's west border and is the gate to the prairie areas.

Since the nineteenth centuary, the town has been an important trans-continental crossroad. The town of Vinnipeg has slowly become a centre of education and cultural life. It houses the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, one of Canada's most important and unique museum, and the prestigious Inuit Museum, the most extensive global museum of Inuit arts, the wonderfully restored gallery of contemporary music.

As most in Canada, do not trip in January or February (unless you are here because of Icehockey). Summers are much more enjoyable to explore the town. Vancouver is a town for the outdoors and the urbanist and is a window to some of the best adventure Canada has to show.

Vancouver has something for everyone, from municipal gardens and jagged landscapes to world-class locations and a vibrant gastronomic world. Out in the great nature - For a picturesque outing, have a pick nick in Stanley Park or take a refreshing stroll through the VanDusen Botanical Garden. Are you interested in another stunning landscape outside the town?

Quebec's culture centre, Montreal, is a display window of Canada's newest and oldest features. It is known for maintaining a close link with its legacy by working tirelessly to preserve the Francophone tongue and the Romansh faith. Montreal's Montreal Line Up is best from June to August.

However, if you want to evade the masses of tourists, autumn is a nice season to discover the town. You can' t confuse Toronto longer than a little New York with less shot or something. In the course of the centuries, the large metropolis of Canada has established itself as an independent location.

Frequently confused as the capitol of Canada - the Toronto people like to think about it - the town is a multi-cultural hot spot with a young dose of creativity flowing through its arteries. There is also a great variety of sights in Toronto, both artificial and intact.

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