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I' ve paid in advance to rent a car via Dollar Rental. CarTrawler handled the payments, not dollars. Only after the deed did I know. DON'T rent a car from Dollar car rental companies. I would like you to read my letter to the Municipality of Orlando.

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I' ve reserved a car with CarTrawler on-line. When I came to Guadalajara, Mexico, the firm said they didn't even have the car I had reserved, the car I had hired on site. You only had smaller cars that weren't suitable for me and my whole team.

Make a request for my reimbursement and after 2 month of wait for your choice you decide to give me only a part of the reimbursement. Said to get my AAA and all. The e-mails all said "economical", the cardholder account numbers "economical". It wasn't until I picked up the car that I found out there was small printing and it was CarTrawler.

I had arrived in the back and the car knows that I have to do with the payment car manufacturer and from whom I actually hired my car. The CarTrawler is deliberately deceptive in every respect to mislead the user and to add just enough detail to the fineprint so as to prevent being charged with deception. I' m renting a car on-line to collect it on June 1 in Cleveland.

Thrifty Rental Car wanted a bail when I got there to collect the car and although I had fully prepaid the car, I wanted more of it. So I had to change to another firm and fortunately my mother was with me and she hired the car.

As I got home from my holiday, I began to correspond with this CarTrawler Group. After I presented them the evidence that I did not rent the car and yet 3 month later I am here and 3 telephone conversations with the firm, STILL tries to get my payment back. Those consultancies are using external firms and you would never know unless it comes to something like this.

Cartrawler received payment 2 month in cash for a car I rented in Croatia. As I was returning the car to the Sixt, I was asked to return the payment and Cartrawler would return the amount originally used. I' ve tried to get my reimbursement and replies and all I get is "examine them and it will take 20 working hours.

Do not use Cartrawler. I' ve been paying in advance to rent a car via Dollar Rental. CarTrawler handled the payment, not dollars. To cut a long story short, I didn't have a plastic. When I came to the airfield, I couldn't rent the car because I didn't have a visa/debit or plane tickets because I was nearby.

To cut a long story short, they billed me for a car I didn't rent and didn't want to give my wallet back. Where can I find out that I can rely on these CarTrawler ratings? I' ve ordered and payed for a Fiat 124 (convertible) transmission. CarTrawler latch is well constructed, CarTrawler picked me.

The CarTrawler is a rip-off, without regrets, it's a nice bet. Merger directly with car hire, never with CarTrawler. CarTrawler now asks me to hold for 20 working nights to get an reply..... No, this firm doesn't like people. Wouldn't recommend anyone to use this firm, but to stick with the more well-known and trustworthy.

So I made a booking for a car hire company in Seville and when I got to the counter my plastic was declined. To blackmail another 100 for an uncomfortable Gold Mastercard is the secret. So I went to Budget/Avis and my coffee cart was magic good again. Then we hired another car and payed the rent for the whole group.

CarTrawler then calculated us a whole month for the first car. I made a booking at #** and at the time of picking up the car, I realized I had forgotten my driver's licence, but my woman has her DL. "We are very unhappy with the Cartrawler. com expertise.

We were not met by anyone and we were waiting over 30 mins before renting a cab. I' ve tried to contact CarTrawler support several time and I still received this bug: "This bug was not fixed for over two week, so I tried to write the firm.

It is unlikely at this point that we will receive a reimbursement or an answer, but I am hoping that I can help others to prevent this one. The CarTrawler is an attire you should keep away from. Book a Europcar via CarTrawler for 205; five mins later I found the same car on the Europcar website for 130 ?.

The reason they refused was that although it was 35% less expensive to rent directly with Europcar, CarTrawler's deductible was higher! Don't think that CarTrawler's free cancelation quote, I recently had to reverse a Hertz lease I had purchased through CarTrawler to learn that although the cancelation was free, there was a 50 Euro processing fee.

Poorest car rental EVER and I rent vehicles around the globe a couple dozens a year. I' ve reserved a small car and paid in advance. First on the e-mail it clearly stated is a £400 deposit to be kept on a debit cardholder that I had. When I arrived to collect the car I was advised that I needed to have a £1,000 OVER debit cardholder's debit cardholder' account (which I did not, as the e-mail indicated £400).

Would I not be able to take the car because I didnt have 1,000 on my credit car and I couldnt afford £190 extras since I was on a budget for the week-end. She was very impolite that it was my fault, I called the support who sent an e-mail with a ticketing code to get a reimbursement - THE LOOK WAS NOT ON THE AMAIL!

Since then I've been reading critiques that say they take you out, they're a crooked firm and cheat on you from the beginning! I' ll be reading press releases whenever I make a booking in the near term, no difference what I do. DON'T BUY WITH THEM - so I don't expect a reimbursement, even if I didn't take the car with me.

That firm is a fraud. When I was traveling to the USA from Finland, I made a decision to book a car from Avis Rental at Kennedy Airport. When I went to the Avis website, but when I completed my booking information and gave my visa loan number, I got a "thank you" from something named "Cartrawler", and my cash was immediately gone.

They had never seen such a number when I got to Kennedy and drove to Avis to collect the car. They said the number was not Avis, and they said I was nowhere on their reservations lists. You had no records on me and no booking funds.

They made me rent a car from the bottom up, but only after they explained that my plastic was at their limits and needed my wife's IDC. I' ve been calling and emailing "Cartrawler" without success. and they never sent me a booking number.

Keep away from CarTrawler! If I have made my car booking less than 48 hours before the time I had to collect the car. And as soon as I knew I wouldn't get on the plane, I canceled my car-booking.

That organisation billed me a cancellation charge of $45 and then when I got my charge for my payment, there was an "international charge for the use of my creditcard! As I said I didn't want a more pricey car, they said they didn't take my card ( "I hired it all over Europe without any problems).

They then said that they would only take my credit if I took out a policy that reduced my exposure to 0%. I' ve already been paying 2 month ago for an additional policy through the Ryanair car rental site to have the 0% chance. They said it would take 35 per person per night.

So when I returned the car, I said they were cheating on me. Then they went very roughly and sent me away and said that I had to file a complaint with Ford. I' m not renting a car from Ford. I rented it from them. Later, I checked the invoice for the 245? cover on the web.

I found out that this was more than three times the regular cost of this policy. We' ve traveled all over the globe, hired vehicles, but we've never been handled like this before, by any firm..... On May 2, 2018, 2. 5 hours after the specified pick-up times (10:00 a.m.), we received information that our car was no longer available because we had passed the 2-hour deadline and we now had to conclude a new lease, although the car we had hired was fully prepaid on January 16.

If you choose our relaxing zero policy, we can help you saving some of your time. "So a fully-funded car hire company for 197. We cannot lodge a claim on the Cartrawler website, as it repeatedly occurs with the following one.

In Sardinia I hired a car with Cartrawler April 27 to May 4, 10 day after the return I was unexpectedly billed by A&C brokers, on account of Sicily automobiles with an extra cleanup fee of 143 euros without tax. At first I was not informed that the internal washing before the return of the car by the staff member, who explains the renting process to me, is obligatory.

Cartrawler works with dubious business associates who make sure renting is low, but such gimmicks make it right. Don't rent through Cartrawler if you don't want to be surprised. cartrawler's website works so badly that complaints are almost not possible and calls are not possible. I' ve reserved a car from CarTrawler at Malaga airport.

The rent for 10 nights was 49,92 and the rent for insurances was 24?. They have an agency called > OK Rent a Car < ask us for our 1050? Caution. We' re giving him our VISA business cards, which has worked in hundred of different places for car rental!

Was it a debit and not a credit account? They had no trouble taking the bail as millions of clients in all parts of the globe (hotel, car rental) and he said that they could not give us the car rented with CarTrawler, but they could give us the car directly with all insurances for 258,47?, which is not the same cost we got from CAR TOWLER.... 73,92?.

So, we want CARTRAWLER to reimburse us ?73.92, that's all! I' m waiting for CarTrawler to reimburse me 73,92?. Make a reservation with Thrifty rentals in Jan for a journey in March 2018. Thought I wasn't using the Thrifty website as third part This is the only way to book our car for 8 people.

At Thrifty we were informed that they no longer accepted debit tickets, although Cartrawler's policies for Thrifty do. I' ve e-mailed CarTrawler several times, they were offering us $250 back in 20 working nights and said we should have known before we came to collect the rent.

By the time I sent them back their approval by e-mail, my case was over and I never got a reimbursement. We' re now out $427 because of a scam artist institution and no way to connection them as they blocked our proceeding. Another case why nobody should use CarTrawler for a book.

Through CarTrawler I have reserved a car in Cape Town for which I have received a "car deposit " amounting to 18% of the overall rent. This was not a big deal, I thought, as it is a deposit that can only mean that it will be passed on to the car hire firm, Europcar, and finally deducted from the definitive rentals.

CarTrawler takes this "deposit" and never gives it to Europcar, which obviously never gave it to her and invoices me the full rent. CarTrawler rejected the down payment by saying it was a "car hire deposit", but in reality it was a reservation surcharge.

Europcar, as I had to settle the full amount after signing the contract, could not bother to mark CarTrawler as a "car hire deposit" because of its deceitful behaviour, as it was fully prepaid. The CarTrawler is responsible for deception and fraudulent commercial behaviour by declaring that the fee is a caution.

So I rented a 9-seater car, but when I arrived at the airfield I was informed that there was no car for me. CarTrawler, who accepted my reservation and acknowledged it to Global, asked me to confirm that they would reimburse me for the cost and that I could make other arrangements to book appropriate cars.

No other option required us to reserve 2 cars, as no tenant had a 9-seater available, but when he tried to make a complaint, he was appalled when he found out that CarTrawler had actually canceled my initial complaint, so I was able to make no complaint.

Jan. 14 this year I was paying ($159. 50) for a car hire at Argus Car Hire. The CarTrawler Group is the real enterprise headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. A CarTrawlergent. If I canceled my car hire on their website in accordance with the "complete refund" guideline, I went to Argus Car Hire to reverse the hire if it was canceled 24hrs before collection.

Contact your local bankaccount to stop paying by creditcard. They tried, but CarTrawler replied that it was my fault and I did not change the bookings but only changed and changed the reservations. Beginning with, I made an on-line reservations through CarTrawler to collect a car in Costa Rica.

This car should be provided by a car hire company named Payless. I' ve also taken out health cover and I' ve already covered both. Car rentals were 625 US$. 00, and the amount insured was US$ 126.00. Payless did not approve the CarTrawler purchase when we came to collect the car.

After that I got in touch with the underwriter ('luckily I had a telephone number and, happier still, they answered.) and the policy was cancelled and a $126.00 reimbursement was made out. Free of charge and other charges amounting to 931 USD. We had to make the payment in 00 before they made the car available to us, including the rent.

The additional rent - the additional rentals, the additional rentals, the one US$389.87 cost of coverage, which we expressly declined, were almost one and a half time the announced rent, leaving the entire rent US$1556.00 (!). Contacting CarTrawler over the web, they answered with a list of costs and declined any liability for the policy options we refused.

CarTrawler wrote in his epistle, "Sorry, there's nothing we can do. One time was enough - CarTrawler doesn't get a second opportunity..... As we arrived at Auckland International we picked up our car, which we had prepaid for. Renting agency was shut down. So we had to rent another car from another firm.

We' ve been trying to get a reimbursement for over a months. I' ve been trying to rent a car from Dollar Car Rentals (a department of Hertz). I' ve filled in my data, my payment cards and reserved the car without any problems. I did not know is the third part transactional firm in the back, which has totally realistic conditions on its own website that are not consistent with the conditions on the landlord's website.

I didn't have enough funds on my reserved debit and debit cards when it was convenient to collect the car. This would have been good, except this is my only major payment method (credit line only $300) and I had no other payment methods. I' m ALWAYS buying my money in bar, and that was not an option because of the $350 retention charge they're putting on your ticket.

You would not allow to buy an extra amount in bar, only by means of your debit cards. Now that I had to reverse my booking, they kept the $75 down payment on my plastic bag. Again, I'm not saying this anywhere in the lease at the moment of the check-out. So the only thing the lease dodges to have is enough of a line of credit for extra fees that I took as the rest of the payroll, not a $350 sway on my ticket.

I' ll never bother with a car hire that uses CarTrawler for its back-end operations. I' ll file a case with my payment processing provider and recommend that anyone I speak to never use a CarTrawler affiliate.

I thought I rented a car with Thrifty, apparently their pre-paid bookings go through Cartrawler. Cartrawler said when I wanted to canceled my booking 2 nights before the car hire that I was not within the 48 hour timeframe and that I would be billed $55. You asked for a screen shot that I sent by e-mail, and then a fortnight later you said you didn't have it!

On this point I had enough of her BS so I just archived a debate with my credit cardholder comany. It is questionable and notorious and should be excluded from operations. I' ve made a booking with dollars on-line. Dollars is ok for the reimbursement, but asked me to get in touch with CarTrawler, which I did without reply.

Didn't know I was going through CarTrawler/ETrawler LDT. I' ve posted from the Dollar Rent a Car website. First time I hear about ETrawler LTD was when I saw the charges on our debit cardhold. We have been billed more than the amount indicated in the originals. We' re also billed for tax, etc. at the dollar desk when we collected the car.

Took the decision never to use the dollar again.

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