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Is it cheap to book flights? As you hack cheaper flights with foreign travel websites. But the other big exception is that you have to book directly with the airline. Whoa Air, known for cheap flights to Europe, comes to CVG. This is the best timeframe to make a reservation, according to an extensive new survey.

Early birds seldom get the worms when they book flights. Usually there is a Sweetspot when the airline offers the lowest fare for a particular route and the victorious passenger is neither the early scheduler nor the last-minute traveller. Whereas the U.S. reservation screen for U.S. national flights may be between three wards and three month in advanced, it is cheaper to book a flight internationally at least two month before departure.'s survey examined more than 350 million air fares between the USA and more than 3,000 stores to determine the best flight reservation times. According to the survey, the best period for bookings between Asia and the USA was a dramatic year-on-year shift from a seven to nine month advance to just three a year.

"There' s overcapacity on trans-Pacific flights (especially in China)," said Jeff Klee, CEO of "The oversupply could at least partially account for this trend if more places were available at a cheaper price." The best times to make reservations on board are when flying to or from the USA:

"Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly CEO, says: "In most stores, someone who buys a seat two month before a trip pays less than someone who buys a seat 10 month before a trip," says Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly's senior man. If, for example, a customer books 10 month in advance or at the last moment (e.g. for a company get-together or a domestic emergency), he is often willing to charge more for the fare.

Discreet travellers who book only one or two months in advance are usually not so limited to certain appointments or locations - or even to the journey. However, the regulations can be kicked out of the windows when travellers book at busy periods such as Christmas, New Year's or holiday season - especially in Europe.

"When you see many month before your trip what looks like too good and cheap a price, take it - it won't necessarily go down any further."

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