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Click on "Search flights" to see which date is the best. Search for the cheapest flights with split-ticketing. We compare hundreds of travel websites and airlines to find you the best flight per month, year and day. Subscribe to our Click N' Save email list and receive advance information about our weekly sales of flights, cars, hotels, holidays and more. www.

We' re looking for over 150 travel sites from around the globe to offer you the best value air fares to the most sought after resorts in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

We' re looking for over 150 travel sites from around the globe to offer you the best value air fares to the most sought after resorts in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. We' re looking for well-known travel sites and specialised travel sites focusing on low-cost air travel to favourite places such as the United States, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii and more exclusive places such as China, Russia, Thailand, India, Colombia, France, England and Brazil.

There is no other travel website that scans more travel sites, has more travel experience or specialises in locating cheap air travel as we do. Begin with our cheap ticketing engines, they browse tens of other travel sites and return the lowest fares available. At the same time you can check fares by choosing one of the travel stamps in our comparison boxes.

On our cheap tickets page you will also find a referral page showing you the best fares for flights to alternative destinations. Never miss a cheap flight or a cheap fare again.

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This website won't help with safety features and baggage loss, but it might save you a few dollars and find you a more comfy fit. It' s far from the most beautiful page on our favorites page, but offers many cheap offers and inside hints on how to find more.

It is also one of the few travel sites that lets you look for the airport of origin, because if you only want to leave the airport for a few short flights and don't really worry about where you will land as long as the price is cheap. Booking Buddy will take some (not all) of the trouble out of finding the various travel websites for the best price.

Fill in your travel dates and BookingBuddy will refer you to the different travel pages to find the best offer. Wish it would browse them for me and collect the results instead of just diverting me to them, but at least BookingBuddy will save you nine entries of your travel information on nine different pages.

Air travel is like shares: fares are constantly fluctuating, apparently for no good reasons, making it difficult to know when to buy. This page is a tariff generator similar to the kayak, but it contains useful tariff forecasts (in contrast to the kayak tariff curve that Farecast also has), which give an idea of how the tariffs should change over the next few day and week.

He even evaluates your ticketing as "buy" or "wait" and lets you know how much the ticketing will be. Hotwire had the best prize for next weekend's flight in our review of this history. Hotwire travel agents provide non-sold Hotwire stock (aircraft seat, etc.) at greatly reduced pricing, which Hotwire then distributes to the user.

If you are fussy about your flight, Hotwire may not be for you. The only trouble is that the services will not always tell you which carrier you will be traveling or your precise flight times, so if you are picky about your flight, Hotwire may not be for you. WithinTrip enhances the well-known aggregate ticketing query to include customer reviews. Visitors evaluate the convenience, quickness and "lightness" of a flight, and these evaluations are added to InsideTrip's results.

Would you like to fly non-stop? The Kayak and SideStep are the big players in the aggregate ticketing search and have belonged to the same group since December 2007. These websites search through ticketing fares from all the big carriers and websites like to find you the best fares. Kayaking is a little no-nonsense than the other sites we've visited; you'll find a great deal of useful information, but not much of Web-2.

There are 0 Tools that have SideStep and others. MuBissimo does the same kind of tariff aggregate as kayak and farecast, but it represents a "fun"-Web-2. This site does not have all the rugged functions of Kayak and Farecast, but it has an award-winning module moving interface, a travel scrapshot blogs and flickr, meteorological and monetary conversion widget.

Side-Step combes the same information and uses the same fundamental interface as Kayak, but the users experiences can be very different. The results are the same as on Kayak, but SideStep includes more contents like travel guide and newsletter, and SideStep has a downloaded tool bar that allows you to compare tickets prices with travel portals like Expedia.

One representative of Kayak and SideStep said to me that Kayak is Google's ticketing solution, while SideStep is Yahoo! and the user tends to choose one over the other. Yapta's plugin will keep track of the fares you are interested in and inform you about the best moment to press the shutter button.

After you have purchased your tickets, please fill in your number, travel details and fare. Yapta will notify you by e-mail if the fare is lower than what you pay for your tickets so that you can receive a coupon for the fare-differences. Yapta will also help you find your tickets from next months instead of just keeping track of your fares.

With the new function Game Finder you can set your own preference and find your favorite game. For $6,000, I found a twin-prop from Dallas to Chicago, but the price's going up from there.

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