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Lowest cost airlines - When to buy airline seats LETZT AUGUST has informed you of the "eight-week rule" for the purchase of airline seats. Makoto Watanabe says the best timeframe to make your reservation is because everyone else is the same, about eight days before your departure. Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal has some proposals. Conclusion: If you buy your ticket during the course of the day (i.e.

Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday), you can skip a package.

Here is Mr McCartney: Though prices often vary and the ups and downs of airline prices can cause frustration and annoyance to airline prices actually folllow a sweep during the weeks. A lot of ticket orders where some tickets are reduced by 15% to 25% will start on Monday evening........ When carriers want to impose an tariff hike by usually increasing their base prices by $5 or $10, they often do so on Thursday nights to see if their rivals agree and if the higher prices hold over the weekends.

In the event of competition, prices can be reversed by Monday mornings. Moreover, airline companies do not administer their inventories as proactively as on the weekend, so if cheap seat reservations are sold on some routes, prices soar. Price analysis could later choose to provide more places at lower prices, but only when they come back to work on Monday, according to airline officials.

As Mr McCartney says, the result is that the same $199 can be a certain day and $499 a different day, even a month before a plane ride. Are business agencies taking full benefit of airline price volatility and buying most airline fares during the day? What influence does the evolution of increasingly refined rate compare motors like have on price strategy?

Is it possible for reporters and the general press to thoroughly examine airlines' price policies without obliging them to react and adapt? McCartney also warned that soft media such as Facebook and Twitter are "already beginning" to "disrupt" airlines' fares. Did any of your subscribers ever buy a plane fare on Twitter or Facebook? I' m following JetBlue's Twitter accounts for last-minute purchases, but I've never had a chees.

" However, in what other ways do you see the regulations, how, when and where it is best to buy airline seats that will change in the oncoming years?

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