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Holiday offers in Puerto Rico From Puerto Rico (La Isla del Encanto) we are proud to offer 15 different services - more than any other airline in the canal. And through our alliance with CapeAir, we even offer services to some of Puerto Rico's most stunning (but lesser-known) tourist attractions such as Vieques and Mayaguez. Being in Puerto Rico's prime position in the northeastern Carribean means that your holiday is just a fast trip from the mainland United States!

By chance there are several great sandy beachs- but two of the most remarkable are Ocean Park and Isla Verde. If you are a mixture of local people and visitors, visit Ocean Park Beach - one of the most famous San Juan beach with gentle surf breaks, a small coastline and little to no crowd on weekdays.

The Isla Verde, where most of the big cities are situated, is another must in San Juan. Isla Verde is much more touristic, but the hotter waters and the whiter sands are well deserved. A walk along this wonderful tree-lined promenade will give you a feeling for the historical charms of old San Juan.

Situated at the end of the Paseo de la Princesa is the Raices Fountain, which mirrors the wealth of Puerto Rico's culture with art portrayals of indigenous peoples, Africans and Spaniards. A six-storey fortress, which has withstood two world wars and countless other fights, towers above the port of San Juan.

Today, Fuerte San Felipe del Morro is one of the most visited touristic sites in San Juan, and visitors can visit the fort's tunnel, huts and even jail-rooms. One of the most beautiful places in San Juan is the Parque de las Carvernas del Rio Camuy (or Camuy River Cave Park).

You can enjoy world-class windsurfing in almost every part of Puerto Rico with ripples that can rise up to 35 ft in some saes! A particularly famous place for windsurfing is Rincon (on the west shore of Puerto Rico), where the 1968 and 1988 championships took place.

Old San Juan is a must for every holiday in Puerto Rico, because here you will find the charms of the old fashioned country, great shops, tasty meals and nice places for snaps. More than 400 renovated sixteenth and seventeenth century houses make up the area within the town, and the architectural style draws its visible features from the Colonies of Spain, making a visit to ancient San Juan a journey back in history.

Although it is a favourite today, it was an absolute favourite of the eighteenth centuries. Although the fashionable fashion of today comes and goes, it is always the favourite of connoisseurs. Famous for its powerful, full-bodied taste and unmistakable flavour, it is not to be overlooked.

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