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Use of the Skills implies your agreement. When you do not agree to these conditions, you may not use the ability. You vote is only used to enable Alexa's functions and not to verify your profile. In order to use the ability, you must address orders and queries loudly to Amazon's Alexa Services ("Alexa"), and you will get answers loudly.

It' also possible that Alexa (and the gear on which Alexa is installed) and/or Amazon will log your interaction with the skill or with Alexa. Check your Amazon agreement to find out more about how Amazon and your Alexa-enabled appliance handle these interaction. As an example, the preferences on your machine may allow the machine to obtain information about your account(s) that is only requested orally by people using your machine, or to store information about your account(s) to facilitate it.

Neither Alexa nor your Alexa-enabled unit was developed or manufactured by us. There are other applications (e.g. Alexa and other third-party applications) running on the machine that we have not written or designed and over which we have no oversight. It is possible that Alexa does not listen to you properly, translates what you have said wrongly or even says something else to you other than the information we have given Alexa.

They cannot use the ability for any other purpose. You may modify, pause or cease the craft or parts thereof at any moment without prior notification. Their continuing use of the Skills after the date of entry into force of the amended Agreement shall constitute your agreement to the Conditions. If you do not meet any of these conditions, your legal remedies under this Agreement will lapse without prior notification.

If you do so, we may immediately withdraw your entry to the Skill. If this is not yet clear, you accept and consent that use of the skill is at your own peril. In the event that we are unable to settle your claim within 60 business hours, you may appeal through an arbitral tribunal or petty claim tribunal as described below.

Each claim will be decided by mandatory arbitrations and not in litigation, unless you can make a claim on an individually based petty claim before a tribunal if you are entitled. The foregoing shall include all rights and remedies arising before the acceptance of these Conditions of Use, whether or not earlier editions of the Conditions of Use require arbitrations.

An arbitral tribunal or panel of judges does not exist and the judicial revision of an arbitral award is restricted. An arbiter may, however, in a particular case grant the same compensation as a tribunal (including legal damage, attorneys' fee and costs) and must comply with and assert these conditions of use as a tribunal.

If, for any at all, an action is brought in front of a judge and not in an arbitral procedure, we all renounce the right to a juror's verdict. The award may be upheld by any arbitral tribunal.

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