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If a holiday packet can help saving you ( and if it doesn't work): Useful traveler

For a long time now, on-line tourist offices have been promoting holiday packages as a means to great savings: "Booking flight + accommodation, up to $450 " is the bait on's homepage, while is promising a saving of "up to $465". "The bidding is made by claiming that some packages can cost up to $525 off them.

However, many travellers are sceptical, especially those who have learnt the tough way that big cost reductions could involve compromises such as a flight at sunrise, a shabby motel or several flight links. For example, Traveocity is trying to lure clients with a newly designed packet lookup that uses clean, braver navigational features and makes it easy to buy for alternate fares when the lowest cost is not what you want.

For example, a recent flight scan from New York to Miami led to a shopping cart of parcels including: "Alice made a $373 saving by making a flight + reservation for this motel anhour ago" (South Seas Hotel). Pressure to de-mystify the parcel comes as carriers and hotels look for ways to get customers to buy and change directly from their own websites through rock-bottom pricing warranties, as and where their rate is recorded - as in the case of American carriers not listed on Expedia or Orbitz.

Even on-line companies compete with carriers that create their own packages. Only last months JetBlue introduced a Best Value warranty and extra points for packages available in the airline's 36 locations. So, with Springs Rupture Around the Corner, I was testing three locations - Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz - by looking for packages for two folks for three holiday scripts - a long weekend in Washington, D.C.; a weekly gaway to a resort in CancĂșn; and a weekend at a luxurious resort in Scottsdale, Ariz. - all with non-stop flights that leave the New York area at fair Times.

By way of compare, I bought hotel accommodation and fares seperately on the providers' reservation pages and then looked in the three on-line agents to see if they could exceed these prices. When I was looking for the prize, I also looked closely at the results of the agency. THEY DON'T JUST LET THE PRICES SEDUCE THEM.

Expedia had the best deal for the lowest fare packet for the Washington flight, but with disadvantages: $400 for sightseeing flight and the Garden Inn in Laurel, Md. 22 Leagues from Washington. The Fredericksburg Travelodge, about 50 leagues southwards of Washington, was on offer for $414. The best choice for Orbitz was the Marriott Dunn Loring Fairfax courtyard in Vienna, Virginia, a 40-minute metro journey from Washington for $527.

None of this, however, was what I really wanted - an upper class motel in the centre of the town. HAVE A LOOK AT THE TOP PICKS OF THE PAGES. In view of what I wanted, I was better off by not being filtered by cost, but relied instead on the defaults initially mentioned (on the Expedia website these are known as Expedia Picks).

For example, Traveocity had a good offer for a stop at Palomar Washington, a Kimpton in the Dupont Circle neighbourhood, with non-stop JetBlue services, departure from New York at 7:30 am and return at 9:50 am The costs, $711, were a saving of $380 over the rate I found by inspecting the resort and the airlines individually.

The Orbitz service was basically the same as its "Best Value" with another JetBlue flight from New York in the evenings instead of in the mornings for $72 more than Travelocity. EXEDEDIA was offering the same flight and a different property - Washington Plaza - for $810 with no saving.

Twenty-eight1 was even less than what I was priced ($1,091) while trying to enter the same flights along with the motel itself. HIGHSEASON PACKAGES. Because of the pre-negotiated fares with the airline companies and accommodation providers, even in the high seasons the agents can put together packages at a price that you are unlikely to receive separate from them.

I found the best prize in my search for airlines and hotels the weekend before Easter was $5,297 ($3,102 for the house and $2,195 for the flight). Each of the three locations will hit this rate by at least $1,000, with Travelocity's best saving, at $3,212 for the same flight and the same city.

It' still worth checking the websites of hotels and airlines directly, as I was told when I was looking for the best rate for a high seas holiday to Scottsdale, Ariz. No one of the on-line agents has surpassed the prize I had thought up for a whole weekend at The Boulders, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, the weekend before Easter.

Next was Orbitz, who performed the journey for $3,232. Finally, Travelocity had the best prize for two of my searches: Thirty-eight dollars from the Palomar Washington tour and an amazing two hundred eight dollars a weeks in CancĂșn. They also had the clearest, most intuitively searching option with tabbed pages on the lefthand side of the packet results, so that the user can choose from three options: lowest priced packet, nearest matching (for those with certain flight timings in mind) and fastest flight.

The" Toggle Flight" key was another convenient feature. It also made it simple to look for hotels such as a large outdoor pools, stars or a name. EXDSEDIA provided the lowest cost options in the quest for fare alone at $400 for the journey to Washington, but the resort was 22 leagues from town.

{\The comany says it has more than 75,000 hotels available through packages and offers buyers a broad range. Whilst the search for accommodation made it possible, I almost failed to find this feature, which was at the top of the page in the small type. Orbice was serving up results in a matrices that permitted an simple at a glimpse look of existing deals, but she did lose points in my books for failing to show the overall prize in advance, and required users to redouble the properson prize (shown on the first page) in her mind or click on a packet to see the overall amount.

The user can also not limit their research by furnishings. WYSIWYG: Use Traveocity to look for packages. There is still American Airline in its quest, and its website is simple to browse. Try booking them directly with the local airline or airline to see if you can get a better deal.

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