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Do you need help from our destinations specialists? Will you be willing to explore Dubai? It is a multi-mode city: in its most enchanting form, it offers sunsets and desert under ogives. Dubai can show you the Burj al Arab at its most decadent: a hotel with a Rolls Royces float covered in goldfleather.

When you land in Dubai, you will find a cosy, lovely town with fabulous sandy shores, year-round sunshine and old and new traditions. There were only 30 automobiles in the town in 1966 and hardly any streets on which they could be driven. Dubai was booming after the discovery of crude was made. On its height, the town held 20% of the world's top crane fleet.

However, the pace of the movement of the city is so rapid that even this image of it as a kind of contemporary gold-digger location is outmoded. Although Dubai is known for its high-rises, it has far less than New York. Now, the municipality makes much more out of the tourist industry, not the petroleum.

Tradtionalists may quickly deny Dubai's splendour: too cute, too superficial.

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