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Take a cheap holiday and save money with Purpletravel (ABTA member). it' less expensive to make your own bookings through a local agency - BargainTravelForum For our May 2011 holiday abroad, can anyone help, whether it is cheaper/better to make a reservation through a tourist agency or to make your own? I' ve always made my own bookings, but I know others who say they get the same good prices through tourist agencies.

Sometime I tried to go through a tourist agency I explored and quoted a journey and then went to the tourist agency and asked for their prize on substantially the same or very similar itinerary. I' ve also had a boyfriend of mine make a reservation through a tourist agency.

But I showed her that I could get her a similar journey, but much less expensive if she did the work herself, but in her case it made more sense than that to have someone else do all the work for her. While I think I am paying much less to do the research and bookings myself, I also invest a great deal of my own money and have become quite good at finding them.

Conduct your research on line & also see if the agency has the same or lower costs. Europe, especially the UK - usually less expensive through a local tourist agency. A number of packages that can be reserved in one countries to go to another: e.g. Canary Islands via the German tourist agency or the island of Djerba via the Czech tourist agency are much less expensive (40-60%).

There is only the drawback that you are travelling with a Czech or a Czech group....some may find it an asset..... By the way, in Australia - small trips like Day Trips to Fraser Island or Ghost Tour -(Brisbane) - have cut us in the last minutes through the agency about 15%..... Couldn't be directly charged with US credit card because it was last minutes.....

Travelling as fast as possible? Check goesogle the name of a business you deal with and see what comes. even a charge cardholder is not a debate ticket to make bookings as they usually come with shelter.

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