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Massachusetts for Dummies - Marie Morris

Boston is as popular for its centuries-old past as it is for its glittering modern civilization, from Faneuil Hall to Fenway Park, from Harvard Square to Beacon Hill. An easy-to-use resource full of all the information travellers need for an unforgettable journey to Beantown: As with any For Dummies guidebook, Boston For Dummies, Second Edition is included:

Dummies Europe - Donald Olson, Liz Albertson, Cheryl A. Pientka, George McDonald, Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, Neil E. Schlecht, Tania Kollias, Mark Baker, Nicky Swallow, Dardis McNamee, Margaret Childs

He is a author, dramatist and travelling author. He has written, le prix Lowell Thomas Traveller Award für den den den den besten Reiseführer gewann de 2002.

For four years Liz Albertson (Chapter 12) worked as an editorial assistant for Frommer's travel guide before she made the jump to the other side of the computer as the writer of Ireland For Dummies. Josef Alexiou (Chapter 13) works as a free-lance reporter and has worked for France For Dummies and Europe For Dummies.

Georges McDonald (Chapter 14) is a former vice chairman of Holland Herald, the in-flight journal of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Wrote widely on Amsterdam and the Netherlands for international journals and tourist guides such as Frommer's Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg and Frommer's Europe.

She is a reporter and travelling author for Condé Nast Traveller, The Vienna Review, Gig Magazin and several in-flight journals. For 14 years she has been living in Vienna and also works for the Vienna office of the Associated Press. It is co-author of Frommers Austria and Frommers Vienna & Donautal.

They are co-writers of Frommer's Europe and have authored many of Frommer's bestsellers. He is one of the initial publishers of the Prague Post Office and has been a journalist and journalist for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for years. He is now a free-lance author and journalist.

He is the daily writer of Frommer's Prague and co-author of Frommer's Eastern Europe and Frommer's Poland. Murphy and Alessandra de Rosa (Chapters 19 to 21) are part-time inhabitants of Rome. A passionate traveller since her first journey through Europe at the tender of two years, de Rosa was borne in Rome and has worked and resided in Rome, Paris and New York City.

You are the writers of Italy For Dummies and Rome For Dummies. He is a author, fotographer and cyclist who used to live in Spain, Brazil and Ecuador. Worked in Spain as an Englishman, as a counsellor for the European Union's socioeconomic developments and as an author for a Portuguese arts and antiquities mag.

Writer of more than a decade of guidebooks, among them Barcelona Day by Day, Mallorca & Menorca Day by Day and Frommer's Peru. Vancouver native Tania Kollias (chapter 24) wanted to go to England since a teenage excursion to see her family and used a Frommer's guide for her first European tour.

After graduating, four continents and many magazines, she now resides in her father's home town of Athens, Greece, where she has written the first major volume for expatriates, which Now in Athens published every month for the 2004 Olympic Games and still works as a reporter and author.

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