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I' ve chosen the flight, then I' ll give everything. Just watch a flight and get notified when the price drops! The airline has now changed the time of the flight. Learn about Chicago flights with American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier and more. Don't book a flight from cheapo air.

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Don't use Cheapoair! I' ve been trying to get on a flight with Cheapoair. It seemed right, slightly less than the suggested fare on Expedia, and the flight times and times seemed a better choice than on other Sites. On the flight I selected, I then give all my loan information, and before the completion of the deal, it altered the fare from $2600 to $9000 without the possibility of going back or cancelling.

But seconds after my telephone ringed and a woman with an Hindi touch suggested that I look for another flight. So I said I didn't want to resume the call. Because they tried to debit me for $9,000.

Result: Do not use this firm, which rather seems a fraud..... Don't use Cheapoair! It is a frequent complain that TA has its own searching machine and an own mailing list (which I don't sign up for for apparent reasons) that address the good old (or poor old) Cheapo. Don't use Cheapoair! yes! definitely! I once made a booking with them and I truly felt sorry for them!!!!!! the worse thing I've ever had was in us dollar. so it's kind of cheap. but I didn't notice!

then, after the conversion into C$ and also fees for the exchange rate from my plastic bank account, the cost was even higher than what I got from the airline! Also because of my problems with visas I had to postpone my flight back home. The first flight turned out well.

so i tried every way to call the support, but nobody answered me! so then i reserved with au Cada. then i asked for a reimbursement from lowoair because i didn't use the flight back. the lowoair, as "good" as its call forever, said no.

then a man with a heavy ink on it at last phoned me. in the end they can only pay me back 200 USD! I spent ~600 USD because of them!!!!! everyone with a general good mind should never book with them!!!!!

Don't use Cheapoair! "Fees for my charge for my plastic bag, then the cost was even higher..... due to visas I had to postpone my flight back (twice)" How is this all CheapOair's doing? "I could no longer disagree - the absence of good judgment is usually the cause of most CheapOair-users.

Don't use Cheapoair! "Then a man with a heavy ink in India contacted me. In the end they can only pay me back 200 US bucks! I spent ~600$ on them. That' a whole bunch of really bad grievances about CheapoAir.

This was YOUR mistake, that you "wasted" ~600 US dollars. If you did not verify the international charges (which are determined by your payment service provider and not by CheapoAir), you did not pay much care to the currencies of your transactions, you bought your ticket before you had a valid visas, and this meant that you had to modify your flight.

You' ve shown no good manners. How is this the CheapoAir's doing? Don't use Cheapoair! You wasting $600 for frivolous cheapos, how is it your guilt, any of that? Don't use Cheapoair! Alice, I don't want to be seen as a defender because they are a really terrible firm, but the difficulties you had with a permit had nothing to do with them, and given the way the airlines' prices worked, there was probably very little cash you could pay back, and I assume that what you got was more a good will than a warrant.

Don't use Cheapoair! At first they said I had to call them back to verify them, then an Indians said they phoned my bench and the bench was shut and it was 2pm on Friday. Then, waited 20 mins on the telephone, they said I had to call the house and authorize the deal.

They said they had no idea about this deal as Cheaponair tried to load 0 dollars on the credit cards, so they should try to reload! And then I phoned the firm again with another lndian. They said that I need to show that I have a corporate e-mail and the website proves that I work there.

Don't use Cheapoair! stay with the carrier when you book and eliminate the third parts all together....what is the value of a third partys reservation? Don't use Cheapoair! You were so anxious to use Cheapoair. I don't know why. If I had tried to book with them (which I would not have done if I had seen all the complains here), I certainly would not have recalled them and then jump through several more tires to give them my buss!

Hold your illusive offers and you will end up with more than just waste your precious little while. Don't use Cheapoair!

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