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Here is our guide to one-way vs. return tickets and how to buy them. Discover the air routes and find cheap airline tickets. That's how most people approach a flight: One way flights with low cost airlines are usually just as cheap as sightseeing flights. The Kayak "Hacker" tool can help you find two separate one-way flights to make a round trip that saves more money.

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If you are looking for a day out to the beach, the Alps, a resort, a desert, a nature reserve, a place of worship, a city of culture, historic buildings or anything else, our fascinating offer of offers and tourist attractions will enable you to make your one-way flight reservations to the places you like or from which you would like to visit. Just start a quest for your journey with our ideal quest tool and reserve your holiday itineraries according to your wishes and save a lot of money.

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This is how you can cut costs on one-way trips

In the past, a round-trip airfare was almost as expensive as a round-trip airfare to the same city. Luckily for economical flyer, national budget airline and tour reservation pages have joined the mixture and now provide cheap one-way tickets.

While the major carriers still demand round-trip airfare ('or more') for many intercontinental flights and certain one-way flights could be costing several hundred or even thousand more than similar round-trip flights, they have recently become more competitively priced for national flights. Travellers must still have a few tips up their sleeve to prevent one-way street theft.

How come some one-way air tickets are so high? So I asked George Hobica, the creator of, who said that one-way airplanes are often bought by travellers who are inclined to mix and match travels (and whose commercial divisions usually charge the full fare). He also said that the carriers do not particularly want travellers to go in one direction, as it disturbs the flight plans of the carriers.

In order to get an impression of the actual one-way fares, I looked for trips with different carriers (big carriers, national carriers and on-line tour reservation sites). Several of the extravagant one-way tickets I found were scandalous - others were simpler in the bag. This case studies takes United Airways to the low-cost carrier Aer Lingus and the Expedia website for on-line bookings.

So I thought it would be nice to go to Paris and look for early morning services from New York City. On the same date, a round trip from the Big Apple to Paris costs $1,231 with United tax versus $1,302 with Aer Lingus tax and $851 with Expedia tax (flight with XL Airways France).

I was looking for one-way airplanes and things started to change. One way from New York to Paris costs $736 with tax on Aer Lingus and $489 with tax on Expedia (again with XL Airways France). United calculated $1,314 with tax for the same date and route. In order to further explain the topsy-turvy prices of outward and return air tickets in comparison to one-way tariffs, I cross-referenced the discount airline Norgian Air with the large airline Delta and the Travelocity website for on-line bookings.

Sightseeing flights from Fort Lauderdale to Oslo are $863 with Travelocity (with United), $988 with Delta and $731 with Norway. Nevertheless, the same one-way ticket was $420 in Latvian and $522 in Travelocity (interestingly also in Latvian at a higher price), but an incredible price of $2,684 on Delta (almost three time the round trip price!).

The next in the ring are the US low-cost carrier JetBlue and the Orbitz trip reservation page, which offers their best rates for a pre-season Seattle to Boston-flights. As for the data I was looking for, the lowest $393 tax round-trip tickets for America, $397 for JetBlue and $387 for Orbitz (flying United) were the most cheap.

Single tickets for similar appointments are less than half of the round trip price. JetBlue came in at $171 and Orbitz showed me a one-way trip for $130 inclusive tax (flying on Sun Country). Occasionally the big carriers meet the consumer with incredibly pricey one-way tickets like the $1,314 (economy grade, note ) trip to Paris from United or Delta's insane $2,684 one-way-rate.

On the other hand, however, internal competitors have compelled the big players to compare or even exceed the low-cost airlines' rates on many flights. There has been a discrepancy between the big players and the discounter in the past in domestic pricing between less favourite destinations, but this is less and less the case today. If you are confronted with a $2,684 one-way than a $988 round-trip from the same carrier for the same date of departures to the same gate, you may have the need to call a specific carrier and tell them where to put their one-way price.

Why not buy the return airfare for the same date of take-off and jump over the second one? Unfortunately, airline companies depend on travellers participating in "disposable" tickets (although we like to use the more appropriate word "turn the tables"): book a round trip and use only one of your tickets to reduce the cost of a more costly one-wayer.

The majority of carriers have a strict rule in their business rules that forbids disposable tickets. The Delta website states, for example, that the company forbids "Throw-away tickets - use of reduced round-trip airfare for one-way flights". "As a penalty, the company is threatening to seize idle air tickets, deny entry or even burden the passengers for the more costly one-way ticket.

Even though managers of major carriers believe that disposable tickets are off limits, many travellers run the danger of getting busted and doing so. Travellers have a tendency to keep away from the office as companies may be threatening to turn away tickets from agencies that help travellers purchase disposable tickets. One-way tickets are issued at your own peril.

If you are looking for cheap one-way tickets from low-cost and low-cost low-cost companies and on-line reservation pages, often offering cheap one-way tickets, before you take a chance on your valuable flightoupons. Selling a la card for aircrafts such as JetBlue, Ambassador Lingus, Norwegian and Spirit. Each of these companies calculates its rates on the basis of one-way sales, with prices for each route being calculated according to flight uptime.

That means you can put up $X for each stage of your travel, whether you're on a one-way ticket to Chicago or fly to seven towns on a route. You can find more information about discounter carriers in our guidelines for foreign discounter. On-line bookings such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity are also good conditions for cheap one-way travel.

In our test cases, Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity all outbound and inbound air rates for similar destinations outperformed those for similar services. Old US biglines like United, Delta and American often demand huge one-way charges - but as I said before, these boys sometimes correspond to the rates of low cost airline companies on certain sectors.

The best way to find cheap one-way airfare for your special route is to look for airfares on several pages.

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