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Suee low-cost airline:'It's not illegal'. Actarer Zaman, the young man accused by United Airlines and Orbitz of setting up a low-cost airline website, said he had done nothing inappropriate. Last year Zaman created as a side street and operates the site alone. They use a policy known as "hidden city" to allow a visitor to make a stopover at the flyer's final destinations, and the visitor simply jumps over the last stage of the journey.

It is not "ethically justifiable that large enterprises are suppressing this public knowledge", he says. Orbitz and United Airlines maintain "unfair competition". He learned of the case in mid-November and has since hired lawyers to help him move forward. Each of the two firms is sueing Zaman for six 75,000 dollar bills, amounting to almost half a million of them.

GoFundMe has collected over $30,000 to help with the attorney's fee. Mr Zaman said that "travelers do not violate the act if they miss all their planes, so why should it be unlawful to miss part of a flight"? It is still operating, although Zaman said that he is overcome with intercourse after the message is broken by the outfit.

Founders Fights United, Orbitz Lawsuit

which is looking for cheap air fares, especially some kind of cheap air fares scorned by the airlines." Both United and Orbitz last month archived a process trying to close down its website, Bloomberg reported at the time... United and Orbitz call the complaint "unfair competition" and say it encourages "strictly forbidden" trips, Patrick Gillespie of CNN Money states.

"Sliplagged has done and is continuing to do is legitimate, but the only way to demonstrate this is with attorneys," he said in a GoFundMe newspaper posting, where he tries to crow at least $20,000 to cover his lawsuits. "But I really don't know how much this process will eventually be costing, except probably a lot," he said to the GoFundMe people.

" A Hidden City trip is when you make a longer trip that involves a stopover to your actual holiday destinations because it is less expensive than airfare. Passengers take hand luggage and get off the plane during the stopover. Travellers believe that this is an absolutely honest and legitimate way to travel:

You' ve already bought the plane - why does the company bother if it's on the ground all the while? Arguing that reserving such a service makes it harder to trace air travelers and that it unjustifiably exploits the hub-and-spoke character of fares where carriers serve major crossroads and connect from there.

Everyone can look for and reserve their own hidden city trips, but it is a time-consuming confusion to browse many towns in the hope of locating a less expensive trip that has a stopover at your real target city. Ski plagged does that when looking for you. To find such a plane is not a matter of course. You are often told that there are no better value hidden city services to meet your needs.

Bloomberg says if the company finds out that you get off the plane during a stopover, it can reverse the flight without a reimbursement. It was Zaman who informed CBS News that his site only shows fares, it doesn't buy tickets. This is a policy that is in violation of our Tariff Policy and we are taking steps to stop it in order to safeguard the great majority of our clients who buy legitimately tickets.

A spokesman for Orbitz tells us that Zaman has found a way to help Skiplagged's guests make the reservation directly on Orbitz. "Ski plagged had developped a technique that establishes a connection to our accounting machine. So, when it pinpointed a map, there was a "Book Now" pushbutton that the client pressed, led to Orbitz and then completed the deal without the client's intention," a sales rep said to us.

"We' re asking skiplagged to disconnect, but they refused at first. We' ve already locked the links and I don't think the Orbitz links will be there. "The Orbitz agent also said that if some carriers caught a customer on a hidden-city route, this pass will become invalid under the tariff regulations that have been released and a reimbursement will not be approved.

" Whilst some incumbent operator might be able to reassure the consumer to violate the ticket sales regulations, we are obliged to respect the air ticket pricing regulations and to prevent the consumer from making any purchase that could be declared invalid. Here is a map of Hidden City that shows how often hidden city rates are lower than longer rates on an August Seattle to New York-flights.

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