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Like Expedia, OTA will try to sell you its own car rental insurance. Just like, Expedia also offers suggestions for postponements, extensions and route changes to get you the best deal.

Avoiding and hiding rental charges (10)

Contrary to air fares, for which carriers now have to declare tax and charges in advance, rental agencies can still hide additional charges in small letters, giving you a serious label jolt at the box office. Often the cheapest place to collect a rental vehicle is the airfield - but it does mean you have to pay.

Renters have to make a "concession fee" to the airports to be able to operate near them and hand it over to the consumers. Eliminate the toll by collecting your vehicle from a slightly more distant place, but make sure you either find a vehicle with a free shuttles or a rate on how much it costs to travel to another place by local transport or cab - the rate differential may not be there.

Propellant charge: It is better to fill up the fuel tanks before returning the rental cars - otherwise you will be met with a "tank fee" which contains the costs for petrol and a substantial "convenience" surcharge. The Consumerist says some landlords charged over $9 a gallon! Be sure to record how much fuel was in the fuel gauge when you collected the van and then drive past a petrol pump to pick up the canoe.

When you get into an automobile crash, you can be responsible for an extreme high excess - sometimes even tens of thousand bucks. Also, rental vehicle firms try to charge you the Damage Waiver CDW for an additional charge (usually about $20 per day) to do this. However most of the payment cards already provide zero deductibility of crash cover, so please review your policies before opting for the additional Cover.

Premature return: Everybody knows that you can face a fine for a delayed return of a vehicle, but did you know that you can also be billed for an early return of a vehicle? A number of rental agencies calculate "breach of contract" by giving the vehicle back prematurely or by saying that any rebate you received for renting a vehicle for several nights has been cancelled by giving it back prematurely. has a smart way to solve the problem: you can leave your vehicle near you and then call a breakdown service later to haul it back to the business. Would you be suprised to see a "downtown arena" or "stadium tax" on your bill if you are not intending to go near a gym?

A lot of counties  have statutes that apply tax to finance stadia to rental cars pricing and force people to finance something they are not going to use. Renters simply put the necessary charge directly on the bill and there is no way out. Large rental bureaus now charge fees for customers who want to collect airfares.

Find out what the charge will be and then consider whether the mileage you collect is going to be valuable - or whether you will actually lose some. On-line Travel Agent (OTA) insurance: When you rent a vehicle through an agency such as Expedia, the website will try to offer you your own rental vehicle rental policy.

However, the chances are good that you do not need it and it is usually more expensive than a normal health plan. Again, examine your approval cardboard as excavation as any active motorassurance you condition to see if you are bedclothes before you subscribe up for what the OTA message. Also you should study the conditions of the policies of the OTA-SmartMoney diary to find out about an incidence where a user hired a rental vehicle from Expedia and apply for cover through them, just to find out if they hired the kind of vehicle that was the kind of vehicle they was not governed by the Expedia policies they had been selling.

Aka VLF or Road Tax, this is another inevitable surcharge. When you rent a rental in Europe, you will often see a $5 per annum on your bill - it is the rental agency that passes on the costs of approvals and tax to the bill. What is the most treacherous rental rate ever billed to you?

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