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Inexpensive hotels, cars, airline tickets | Last Minute offers Do you need help to book last-minute trips and holiday destination on your holiday wish lists? We' ve developed a great portable application and super simple scheduling tool to help you find last-minute itineraries! Discounts are calculated using real Hot Rate hotel reservations over the last 12 month in comparison to the cheapest fares available from the top retailer tour operators.

There''s no warranty that these reductions or tariffs are valid at the moment of your research. HotseatĀ® is different from the prices in the shops. In the case of Hots Rate warehouses, please fill in the date, place and stars. Accomodation will be announced after reservation.

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We' re often hearing about the frustration of renting a vehicle oversee. Joint grives involve auto rental employees who talk bad English, slip unanticipated fees into their invoices and try to sale all kinds of auto insurances. Most of the time we only get to know about the bad experience. However the overwhelming bulk of those who rent a vehicle are very pleased and content with the services they have had.

If you are well-informed before your departure, you can prevent frustration and unanticipated unpleasant surprises and fully relax your vacation with your rental vehicle. If you are well equipped, please start reading them now!

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