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We have 12 cars for hire: Locate Cheap 12-Seater Van Rental Deals When you need a little more baggage or seats for longer journeys with large groups of acquaintances, this car hire could be just right for you. Have a look at our Car Hire FAQ and make your reservation today. Where can I rent a cheap van?

If you are looking for the best way to get a good value for money for a car is to:: - The choice of airports should be avoided as this will increase your rent! - If you wish to get the best fares, please make your reservation in time. A number of businesses demand that the car hire company drivers are between 25 and 65 years of age. 2.

Retirement ages vary depending on the hirer and model of vehicles (e.g. there may be a limitation on the amount of space you can rent). Riders under or above the maximum driving speed limits may hire a motorcycle, but may be charged an extra charge or require supplementary tolls.

Is there any kind of automobile hire policy I need? If the purchased item does not contain cover outside the USA, the Renter will require a certificate of cover or an insurer from the Client. If you rent a motorhome in some jurisdictions, such as Mexico and Cuba, you will need to purchase supplementary cover.

For the USA, your own automobile policy or your own debit cards may be adequate. Tariffs shown on the US website do not contain coverage, but as a US citizen you can also take out coverage at the cash desk. Please do not neglect to observe the rules of the rent ave!

If you are arriving to collect your rented vehicle, please be sure to take your driver's licence, your insurances and the method of paying acceptable to the main vehicle owner. An extra ID or other documentation may also be requested from the vehicle hire provider, so it is always best to verify the vehicle hire company's requirements directly.

Yes, one-way rentals are possible. Everything you need to do must be selected from our renting stations and the pick-up and return points specified in your renting book. However, please be aware that there may be limitations and extra charges and that one-way cross-border rentals are not permitted, so it is essential to consult the hire firm to ascertain the viability and costs of taking the vehicles back to another place.

Is there a specific propellant for a delivery van? For a full-to-full petrol insurance you start in your car with a full petrol station, so please fill it up before return to prevent extra charges. Do you want me to rent unrestricted space in a van? Many of the rates shown here are per kilometre, but there may be kilometre limits for your area. Please make sure you do so!

It is recommended that you always use a bank account when making your bookings, as we do not always welcome them. A number of US auto hire firms are accepting a direct Debit payment although they may need additional ID. We do not take into account that we do not take money, prepaid calling Cards or GiftCards for any booking method.

So, what kind of cars are out there? Find your cheap car hire today!

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