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the cheapest car rental company - Lihue Forum Is there anyone who can suggest the cheapest car rental company? There' s been a lack of rental car and they're giving away good offers at the last moment, that's for sure. This is where you are the best choice is to work with Hawaiian Car Rental discounts. Most of us on this forums use them on a regular basis and find the best prices through them.

They' re a kind of realtor, but they have agreements with about five car rental firms. They' ll look for the best rate for you and they have the right to make a reservation for you. At the beginning of each year they sign a lease with the landlords and bargain their own rent.

Therefore, you get your prize, not the landlord's prize and this is beneficial in a setting like yours. You will answer with a quote and ask for a booking confirm. Probably the best thing to to call the car rental company on your computer and do a fast search to make a reservation as soon as possible. should have reserved a car as soon as you have reserved a flight - a booking that you can modify or reverse while looking for a better fare. The Costco Travels usually has good rates too, but not sure if that will work, as you are Canadien - give it a try. There are no landlords with the cheapest tariffs, as the tariffs can differ from company to company every day.

Not only do they have available automobiles but at a reasonable price too. Allamo is usually one of the cheapest on Kauai. Even Hawaii car rental discounts I gave you above has prices with so try through them too and see the rental installments.

We' re going to MO this weekends to attend Familie and I booked an economical car on Priceline for $26/day when the rental locations (even Costco Travel) ask for at least twice that. I' ve gone back and forth between AAA and Costco sites and have widened my rates down to $172 for a weeks on Kauai (8/29-9/5, economic car with all taxes/fees included).

I' m just making a booking and if I find a less expensive one, I'll cancele the one before. There was no lack of vehicles. I' m still not lucky enough to get good offers at Costco Travel. discount Kauai has hit their prize by a great deal, but I just connected my Sept data (10 days rent) and stored $85.

Also its with Alamo, which is my favorite agent.

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