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Use our results to find the latest fares for air travel around the world, along with real-time flight status, duration, departures and arrivals to help you find the cheapest airfares. For your safety, we take your information seriously and use the latest on-line safety measures so that you can safely reserve inexpensive air travel with a PayPal or UnionPay account.

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Mysteries for book a low-cost flight to Europe

These are seven proven reservation policies for the absolutely best value flight to Europe. Kayak's Kayak Traveller Hacker Guide 2015 confirms what was once only a theory: hopping across the lake on a Wednesday and returning home on Tuesday for the absolutely cheap flight home to Europe. For a year, the OTA giants used searching information to tell us that the least wanted holidays are actually the least expensive.

Travelling from Wednesday to Tuesday for the greatest saving (and since then nobody travels, you might get a free spot next to you). Irrespective of a particular holiday location, if your only aim is to come to Europe this past spring, use one of the many flight forecasting utilities out there. NYC travellers looking for urban living in August, for example, will find out that the cheapest flight to the Milan region is to the north.

The Trip Finder also displays the dates with the lowest rates, the main airlines with the biggest footprint at this airfield and the overall most expensive/slightest journey time on the selected flight. But if the least costly way to Europe is not your favourite goal, consider it anyway.

Drive via a large gateways town to Europe and then take an intra-European flight to your target town. Think of RyanAir, easyJet and the like, but be careful not to pay the airlines for everything from taking your bag along to issuing your board pass. Here is another useful tip from Kayak's yearly Travel Hacker Guide:

European airfares are best if they are reserved for six month. This is not necessarily the case for the low saison, but especially for summer and especially July and August European trips. Also, please note that if you cancel your flight within 24hrs, it is reimbursable.

It is a general tip that is valid for all trips, regardless of the tourist destinations, even for the expensive Europe. However, if you have to go to Europe in the summer, you should strive for the end of the summer period, for example a few days before or after the day of remembrance and the day of work, but not directly on these holidays.

The Ultra Low costs airlines Spirit and Allegiant have transformed the air fare industry. Not only did they create a contest that reduces tariffs in an automatic way, they also launched the price scheme that offers dirty air travel with surcharges. Iceland' low-cost airline WOW follows a similar example, dramatically reducing the number of passenger on the East Coast to Europe.

WOW, for example, recently started offering services from Newark to Paris for $322 each way in May. When the itineraries are suitable, you should visit international low-cost airlines such as WOW for Europe, but be cautious. You can get the most out of your money by flying Europe with top airlines that provide free stops, even for multi-day stays.

Feature editor Caroline Costello describes the various carriers that provide free stops, including Icelandair with stops in Reykjavik, Turkish Air with stops in Istanbul, Air France with stops in Paris and Finnair with stops in Helsinki.

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