Company car Rental

Rent a company car

We offer tailor-made rental programs tailored to your company's needs. bargain prices We have tailor-made rental programmes tailored to the needs of your company. Any rental - whether for a single rental per rental per year, per rental per day, per rental per calendar year, per rental per month or more. Customised programmes for all your transport needs, such as car sharing, punching lorries, more. We have a large choice to give you easy entry to the cars you need, such as special purpose cars such as mini MPVs, SUV', pickups and transporters.

You can benefit from the advantages of your fare plans at any of our nearby sites or airports throughout North America, whether for corporate or vacation use. We offer cost-effective alternative to the ownership of a swimming poolset. In addition, new cars help maintain a powerful corporate identity and make sure you have the right car at hand when you need it.

Use our free of charge on-line EHIDirect utility to reserve and administer rental cars, flights, hotels, airports, car parks and travelling costs. Are you looking all over the town for cars for your next product? You can even have a face-to-face group co-ordinator from the area around your conference to assist you before, during and after your meetings.

If your group needs transport to one or more sites, we can put together a tailor-made parcel for you. We can also supply you with help material such as a flyer or a website if you need it. We offer the highest levels of services to our clients, whether they' re a pilot or an officer, and we offer full cover when and where you need it most.

Our services are provided professionally for tens of thousand of General Aviation and Landline Operator (FBO) airport companies and a specialised website with an easy-to-use list of General Aviation airport list.

Car rental for companies and enterprises

This successful mix offers you and your travellers the industry's premier rental program. Don't neglect to forward the page links to other members to help the group. Public authority and organisation members have privileges and evaluations when travelling for work or pleasure.

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