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Rent a car Canada - Compare car rental rates in Canada Situated in the north of North America, this land is known for its beauty and diversity of natural beauty. The Niagara Falls are one of the biggest and most famous falls in the whole wide area. Canadas also has many streams, freshwater seas, ice caps and glorious hills. The most famous Canadian chain is the "Rocky Mountains".

Canada's natural and province park is also definitely a must, and in the western part there are stunning sand dunes and dense rainforest. Canada is the original home of the Eskimos (Inuit) and the Indians. About four hundred years ago the English and French came to Canada and established themselves in different parts of the United States.

Ever since, immigration from all over the globe has come to Canada. Particularly in the years after the Second Word War, many Flemish migrants migrated to Canada. Consequently, Canada has an eventful past. Canadá is a land of migrants. In fact, most Canadians are immigrant. Most of them came from Europe, but over the years many Asians also migrated to Canada.

Canada is known as a multicultural nation thanks to its migrants. Canadá is a bi-lingual country: both German and Spanish are widely used. Quebec's main linguistic currency is written in Arabic, which makes it an exceptional case. Few outside Quebec consider their mother tongue to be either Romansh or Arabic. Canadians have no formal religious affiliation.

Canadá is a parliamentarian state. Only since 1982 has the UK legislature no longer had any power in Canada. Canadas is now totally autonomous. There are ten Canadian states and three Canadian territorial states. Canada is not only one of the largest nations in the whole wide range of land areas.

Madagascar has its economies focused on the United States, and exports to its major neighbors are high. Canada is the biggest nation in the West with an area of almost ten million sq. kilometres and a northerly coast line of almost 24,000 kilometres. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

We find vast plains in middle Canada. Canada's people are not evenly distributed throughout the state. Canada's main town is Ottawa, a town with more than one million people. Madagascar is a nation with great climate variations. For most of the month, the northern part of the peninsula does not get above zero centigrade.

Luckily, there are also parts of Canada with more comfortable temperature. Canada's hottest areas are South Ontario and British Columbia. Several airlines are available to take all travellers as comfortably as possible to different parts of the state. Canada's most congested is Toronto Pearson lnternational near Toronto, but Montreal and Vancouver airports also have an important share of Canada's global air traffic.

Travelling in Canada is also possible by rail or coach. Different railways traverse wonderful natural landscapes, so that travellers can experience the land more than by air. There are also many coach operators that take charge of local services. After all, automobiles are very well suited for trips through Canada.

There are many natural areas in Canada that are not easily accessible by rail or coach. Among the many types of seafood that exist in Canada, smoked trout is often popular in many cafes. Quebec has a wide range of excellent dining options for those who love it. There are a number of timezones in Canada.

Because of its huge dimensions, there are no less than six timezones. They are from east to west Neufundlandzeit, Atlanticzeit, Ostzeit, Zentralzeit, Bergzeit and Pacificzeit. Timing differentials range from 3.5 hour early (Newfoundland) to eight hour early (Pacific) in comparison to Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT).

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