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Costs for rental cars

What is the cost of renting a car in Enterprise? And, with Enterprise's daily low rates, you still get a great price for your rent. Now, all these extra costs have simple explanations and do not need to be hidden from you when you rent a car.

There are 7 ways to make savings when renting a car

Gearing a good deal on a car hire this season can take something to do. Car hire prices have risen, and in some cases even higher than a year ago, according to the Abrams Consulting Group in Purchase, N.Y., which monitors the rent. There are the largest interest increases for cars hired from airports.

At the beginning of July, the averages for a one-day hire of a mid-range car reserved a weekend in advance from one of the airports were $99. Choosing a car hire service from an international car hire company could be a shocking decision for your pocket. At July 6th, the averages for a weeks rent of a compacts car reserved a weeks in advance had been $396. 50, up from $296. 43 a year ago.

The choice to rent a car from an agent who is not at an international car park will help you saving some money, but these prices are also higher than a year ago. As of July 6, the $198.03 monthly rent for a compacts car rented a weekend in advance of its arrival from a non-airport site was up from $174.34.

If higher prices weren't already too expensive, there will be fewer vehicles to rent this year. Car hire firms have reduced their car hire fleet by about 20 per cent in order to reduce costs, says Abrams. In order to get a good business on a car hire for your holiday, you need to be a smart buyer.

Websites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Vroom Vroom Vroom, and allow you to find the best car hire offers by town or by air. Please read the results of each of these pages thoroughly. "Ensure that tax and charges are factored into the cost comparison," says Joanne Helperin, a chief executive at

Alternatively, you can browse the website of a single car hire provider for price offers, as well as sells and rebates. Only a few moments of on-line research could help you saving money on your next car rent. A 10% or $35 off on a week's rent helps compensate for the increase in car hire charges.

Get offers at prices for weeks and evenends. A number of car hire firms are offering lowest prices on Saturdays and Sundays, which are up to 50 per cent below the current prices charged during the weeks. Do not miss the promotions at the prices per weeks. Everyday rentals are so costly that hiring a car for five nights (and multiplying the day price by five) can be more costly than the monthly rent.

Take into account sites outside the aiport. Having car hire prices at so high at airfields, it is a good way to verify car hire offers in the town or near the destinations you are going to visit. Take a few moments to find the best fare available from an off-airport car hire company for your forthcoming holiday.

Next, consider the cost of getting to your accommodation or your final destination and collecting your car from your car hire company by bus, cab or metro. A number of car hire firms have agents in or near large properties. There are other car hire agents that can allow you to collect and return your car directly from your accommodation.

At such high car hire prices at the international airports, you have a good shot at saving some cash if you rent from another city. Simply make sure it's not too much trouble to get to and from your car hire company. Find out about the car hire offers of smaller, regionally operating car hire companies and third-party agents.

Geographical car hire networks including Midway Car Rent, Fox Rent A Car, Triangle Rent A Car and Ace Rent A Car. allows you to look for car hire offers from smaller chain and independant car hire companies by car, which allows you to look for car hire offers by airports, cities and even your location.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a smaller car hire company near your holiday location, you can obtain a referral from the hotels or resorts where you will be spending the night. Your locals may even be willing to return the car to your hotels. Once you have decided on your holiday plan, make your reservation.

Waiting until the last moment and you could get bogged down and pay much higher prices, and you may have a harder to find the car you want. Make sure you make your car hire reservations a few days before your holiday. Are you not picky about the car you will be driving or the firm you rent from?

Visit websites such as and This websites are offering sophisticated rebates on car hire for consumer who are willing to sign up at a pre-set rate before you find out which domestic car hire company will be offering the car. Firms such as Alamo, Avis, Budget and Hertz supply cars to and clients.

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