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Rent-a-Car rebates for Costco members Benefit from the rebates of Costco car rental! Test our Smart Book - check out several car rental companies with built-in car rental vouchers and rebates to help you now! Find out more about our reduced car rental rates. There are no more Costco rebates, we have our best car rental rebates and no members.

Check the rental prices against those of Costco. The use of the name Costco does not constitute an approval or commercial relation with Costco. The name Costco is only used to identify car rental vouchers and car rental discounts. View Alamo car hire vouchers and Alamo car hire vouchers here.

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All about Costco car rental? A" Low Pricing Finder" that collects car rental prices from several providers - with an extra Costco rebate for members only - and allows clients to shop around car rental by make, vehicle category and car rental prices. Is Costco's'low rate finder' really the best way to find the cheapest rents?

In the following, we provide Costco clients with a comparative analysis that allows you to make a well-founded decision about where to get the best offer: To compare this, we have taken a look at the tariffs for a car in the small family. First, the results of the Costco Travel car rental search: Firstly, despite working with several providers around the globe, Costco only has one provider, Avis, to provide car rental services from Rome (more on this later).

At $232. 87 for a long weeks, FCO out of Rome, Avis has had the lowest cost and only rates in the Costco car rental quest. SupplierCostco Travel Supplier? Bottom is the results page of Costco Travel Car Rental looking for a weeklong, lightweight rental car from Rome FCO..... it is a clear, easy-to-use interface, but provides travellers looking for a discounted Costco car rental price limit selection.

You can see that Costco only works with Avis at this site. Three of the five providers shown have better fares than Costco Travel's Avis for a week-long rental at Rome FCO - Dollar at $198, Budget at $208 and Hertz at $218 - it's simple to see in this side-by-side grid screen.

So, Costco car rental rebates are the best deal? that cost $50 per year (minimum), an extra element that many forgot to find before deciding where the best prices.

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