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Hotel Manhattan offers - Hotel deals in Manhattan, NY

Even if you've never been to Manhattan, New York City probably reminds you of a variety of symbols: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Broadway, amber taxis, cosher delicacies and much more. When you walk through Central Park in the fall or cross the Brooklyn Bridge on a great sunny summer night, you can easily see how the Big Apple has been inspiring so many films, TV shows, textbooks and music.

Empire State Building: Times Square This Midtown Business Square is a crossroad of the world with fluorescent signage, wrap-around Newsticker, costume road artists, mega stores and more tourist than you can imagin. Central Park Statue of Liberty: If you want an exaggerated adventure, treat yourself to a visit to the Ritz-Carlton, where you will be greeted with a hat and tuxedo from the hotel's Central Park area.

In order to be close to the most favourite rides, try The Hotel @ Times Square, a real estate within easy walk of almost everything you should see. Eating out is a great way to get to know the town and its diverse cuisine. Register for one of the Foods of New York Tour offers to find out more about the local area' s heritage and cultural heritage, including Chelsea, the Meatpacking District and Greenwich Village.

In order to have the feeling of being in a completely different land, you should go to this busy area, where sellers sell uncommon food next to the restaurant that offers kitchen from just about every part of China you can imagine. The Mulberry Hotel, a tranquil chinatown fashion hotel, is located near a variety of dining facilities and the underground.

You' ll never be bored in a town that never gets any sleep. Broadway: Drive to the Great White Way to see shows like The Phantom of the Opera, Aladdin or Wicked.

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