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To search for award flights on the airline's website, click on the "Pay with award miles" button. The military fares are offered by most domestic airlines and are significantly cheaper than normal air fares for the general public. It became interesting when I researched on the websites of the airlines. Honestly, stop paying too much for the fare. Sites such as The Flight Deal, Airfarewatchdog and FareCompare publish offers daily.

Skypicker airport provides travellers with new ways to find low-cost airfares.

A lot of travelers dream of travelling the world, but the high cost of airfare often gets in the way. This is exactly what happend to Oliver Dlouhý and Lucie Bre?ová. Decided to make this journey a reality, they spend five working on research and book several trips, which they brought to their destinations for significantly less inconvenience.

Skypicker has evolved from this easy concept, a site where passengers can fly at prices up to 90 per cent lower than those of conventional searching techniques, which include those from websites such as Kayak and Orbitz. Three years after its foundation, the Czech-based firm has been concentrating on its US clients for six consecutive month in order to provide them with unbelievable national and multinational dealings.

Founder said they have created an algorithms that uses all companies, so your route can contain links with companies that do not co-operate with each other, as opposed to default Search. This results in a range of low-cost connection services that take you where you want to go. And, while you get lower rates, you also run the risks of delay or missing a flight for which the carrier does not change you on an automatic basis.

"That' s why we have our Skypick guarantee," says Dlouhý, now managing director of the group. Now with 300 employees, the firm says they are constantly working on solving the problem. "After-sales services are important," said Dlouhý. "At the beginning the services were not so good, but we took up the feedbacks and try to make it as simple as possible to expect them and have added functions like payment for a property when there is a long time for re-book.

" Your website is not the first to adopt a new style competing with large accounting firms such as Expedia and Travelocity. Inexpensive tariff hunt pages such as SkyPlagged have been designed using a one-of-a-kind procedure in which you reserve a multi-stop route with the intent of not ending up because your goal is the technical stopover.

Last year United and Orbitz filed a lawsuit against the airline for "unfair competition" and said it promotes "strictly prohibited" trips. "It' a different model," says Dlouhý. "We' re merging carriers that don't formally work together to get the cheaper tariff.

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