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Rent discount

Enterprise Rent-A-Car's CTA car rental program offers our members discounted car rental prices. Cheap car rental offers for Union members. Rent a vehicle & rent a truck at reasonable prices

We have a wide range of rental vehicles for every need and event, such as city tours, street tours, wedding parties, jubilees, company parties and much more. Our range includes economical or small passenger vehicles, large SUV or pick-up truck as well as top-of-the-range and luxurious vehicles that can carry up to three or seven people.

MOBILE VANELS and VANELS are well serviced, modern and provide an simple do-it-yourself way to move your things around the city or the state. We can also supply vehicles for all commercial requirements. We have ½ tons, tons, 1 tons pick-up truck, 16 to 26 feet cage truck, van with different top height and refrigerator vehicles to keep your load at the right temperatures.

In addition, we specialise in construction site vehicles for many sectors throughout Canada. If you are traveling long or long distance, participating in an events, need transport at the university or travel to foreign destinations, Discount can help you to find the right rental vehicle or lorry for you. countOnDiscount for your next rental vehicle or lorry!

Discounts and Offers for Rent a Vehicle

Please note: Not all towns and villages are eligible for special offers and usually only one discount voucher codes can be used at a while. I' ve forgotten that I have a voucher; can I still get the discount even though I have already collected my car? When you are already in a rental car, we cannot offer any discount on the rent.

Yes, I made my booking on-line and I didn't know where to put the discount codes; can I put them in? In case you have not yet collected a rental car and have a booking, please call our Reservations Centre at 1 (855) 266-9289 and we will be pleased to help you decide whether the voucher can be added.

Is there a discount with my AAA-affiliation? To be able to use your tariff and benefit from all the advantages of your company, you must give your company bank details when you book or before you pick up the car. Will I get bonuses for my subscription?

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