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Cincinnati offers the most competitive and affordable travel packages at First Discount Travel. I' LLOYD DISCOUNT, Cincinnati, Ohio. The CTA Access to Savings is an exclusive benefit for CTA members with the largest private discount network in the country. You can save on car rentals or insurance for your next trip, get discounts on group trips and cruises and earn rewards with the AMA Travel Award Credit Card. Get exclusive member discounts that help you achieve your goals for less money!

Discounted travel to many places.

Find better places, remain in better rooms with our air travel, overnight stays in luxury resorts, cruise and more to places all over the globe. North America contains a whole life long destination, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. There is a vast choice of discount airfares, apartments, accommodation, cruise ships, restaurants and travel coupons to explore the United States and Canada.

There are a number of ways to experience Europe in your way, from luxurious to low-cost and one-way to package tours. From Margaritaville, an eco-adventure to exploring the remains of old civilisations, Mexico offers an amazing array of holiday to do.

There is a wide range of Mexican holiday offers on air, hotel and package tours to ship you with a few dollars in your pocket just to your neighbourhood just to the South of the frontier. When you like the countryside, adventures and the natural environment, everything revolves around Central America. Ecotourism has found a large public of travellers who are eager to see the outside world while at the same time remaining sensitive to its ecological and technological effects.

Allow us to show you the hills, jungle, rivers as well as coral cliffs of Central America. South America has many exceptional miracles to offer, from the world's longest chain of peaks, the Andes, to the Amazon rain forest basin's immense biodiversity. Explore this captivating continental region with flights, accommodation and travel bundles throughout South America.

Asia is home to more than half the globe and is home to a number of noteworthy travel destination. We have a wide range of cheap trips to Asia, from the beach cottages of Southeast Asia to the technology megacities of the East. Beautiful atlls, world-class windsurfing, welcoming locals and tropical flora and wildlife make Australia & the South Pacific worth their long trekk.

Middle East and Africa: destination for the adventuresome traveller looking for a wealthy and worthwhile reward. If you are looking for the excitement of a safari or the enthusiasm for interaction with a very varied cultural life, the travel adventure of your life is waiting for you.

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