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Find the best prices for Dollar car rental in Los Angeles. Newest tweets from Dollar Car Rental (@DollarCars). We' ll never forget whose dollar it is.

Dollar Rent A Car: Locate Dollar Rental Car Mergers, Ratings & Offices

Simple search & reservation. Rates are quoted on the basis of reservations made in the last 42 nights. The rate is variable depending on the date of reservation, rental period and vehicle category. Since its inception in 1965, Dollar Rent A Car has expanded rapidly with over 570 different international offices, over 260 in Canada and the United States.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the firm has rental agencies in more than 61 jurisdictions. Its enormous expansion can be attributed not only to its excellent level of client services but also to its very well cared-for vehicle population. Dollars are a trademark known for going beyond the customer's duties.

There are pickup areas at major international airport and suburbs, so you're sure to have no hassle when you rent a dollar car. Besides adapting to the client's needs and offering an excellent level of services, Dollar has a wide range of vehicle choices. When you' re away on work or with a beloved person, you should rent a luxurious Buick or a sporting Ford Mustang Cabriolet.

The Dollar has full-size Chevrolet and Dodge UVs as well as Kias and Nissans.

Dollars Car Hire in Los Angeles from $43/day

Disadvantages: The sub-contractor they use for tracking is no good at all. Disadvantages: You would not authorize my credit car, although there was much more on it than the rental car should be. Disadvantages: He added avoidance of collisions and eTolls without telling me and said the fee was just for a short time.

Disadvantages: When I made my booking, it was not mentioned that I need a driving licence from abroad, it was just called "driving licence". As I came to the pickup, the personnel said they couldn't give me the car unless I had a driving licence from another country (which I didn't have, but I had a US driving licence).

Disadvantages: You altered the rate higher than the booking. We had a great shuttleservice-- Disadvantages: I have posted a $120 car. I' ve decided to update, but they charge me $25 to include a printer on it. It added almost $50 to the initial citation. Do not plan to lease again with dollar.

Consensual: Shuttleservice is insufficient, waiting was long for pick up on arrivals drop off at the arrivals plane was made uncomfortable. CON: The LAX rep paid tuition fees we didn't need, first trying to append the assurance we refused, then completely falsely stated that we needed $12/ daily tolls cover.

Disadvantages: The proprietor was very intrusive with the supplementary health plan, has convinced us again and again. C2Cons: LOcation is offset, which is only a issue when I return the car.

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