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See Expedia's fair value, safety margin, stock price, financial reports, news, valuation models, fundamental charts and more. The Expedia share started on Friday after the company's quarterly turnover exceeded expectations and its booking volume rose sharply. The repository is a place for content to help Expedia partners implement our connectivity solutions. Newest tweets from Product Academy Exp (@AcademyExpedia).

Strong increase in the number of Expedia stocks booked in the first three months of the year

During the International Tourism Fair in Berlin, the Expedia will be open to the public. Expedia's share started on Friday after the company's quarter-on-quarter turnover exceeded expectations and its bookings increased sharply. Stocks in the airline increased 8 per cent to close to $115 on Friday at 12:18 ET.

In the first three months, the business recorded year-on-year growth of 15 per cent, benefiting from the HomeAway, Expedia and Hotels.com brand names. Expedia's revenues rose by 15 per cent year-on-year to $2.5 billion, exceeding analysts' expectations. According to FactSet, the enterprise shows an underlying net income of 46 Cent per stock.

"The Expedia Group is one of the largest[online tourism agencies] with major names such as Hotels.com and is well placed in the exciting field of on-line tourism with plenty of room for booking growth," Scott Devitt, a journalist at Scott Devitt, told customers Friday. Expedia stock fell Thursday after Trivago, which is mainly held by the Expedia group but is quoted on Nasdaq as a separate stock, fell short of analysts' quarterly forecasts.

The Expedia share had fallen by more than 22 per cent by Thursday last year, in comparison with an S&P increase of around 12 per cent.

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