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There is no information available for this page. The selling, general and administrative expenses comprise the direct and indirect costs as well as all general and administrative costs of an enterprise. EXDEDIA administration fee - Air Travel Forum Perhaps most of you are more cautious than me, but I got a dash to see that we had been charging 10 per passenger on the fare. While this is specified in the General Business Rules, it was often used by Expedia and did not require payment in advance. It was worthwhile for me to get a route that I could not offer the airline companies.

Wasn' t sure when it went up as I was stopping using Expedia.co.uk when I was emigrating. Usually I used to use expedia, but I found the airline's own website was usually a few quid less expensive, so usually signed up directly. However, KLM UK (not sure about others) began taking charge for debit/credit card and I've found Airmiles to be a little, maybe a pound or two, less expensive and they don't take CC-charge.

They billed us $20.00 each for a April 2007 trip I made. Is there an admin fee at the end of the reservation procedure? It has been included on our bill as an "administration fee". Didn't realize it until it was on our account card as an Expedia Fee, didn't find it on the email receipt, but wasn't looking for it.

Usually I make a direct booking with the carrier, but the one times I used Expedia for the flight it was delayed and they had a better price than the carrier. The US charge at the inception ('07) was $10. Hopefully you will join the discussion by publishing an open subject or start a new one.

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Administrator spys on Expedia to make executives e-mails stock kill - Tools - Nakedecurity

An ex-IT administrator for tour operator Expedia has acknowledged that he was espionaging managers to conduct a number of inside scams that raised $331,000 (£265,000). From 2013, when he first worked in San Francisco, and in 2015, Ly snooped on Expedia's CFO and Director of Corporate Communications to open data and e-mails at the same time as the annual accounts were published.

Part of the monitoring was done by taking advantage of the authorized telesupport privileges required for his work. However, there was also bad oversight at work, such as the way he was stealing the login information for a second preferential admin user profile that apparently enabled him to sniff executive e-mails without it being recorded.

He preoccupied himself with some excuses by hiring the login data of other Expedia staff members to disguise his account information to companies e-mails. Unbelievably, however, when he quit Expedia in early 2015, he was able to spy on managers for several month with a business lptop equipped with long-distance-authorization.

EXDEDIA did not reveal how it came to Ly, but most likely his back door connection was detected by someone who agreed to a few points. Undoubtedly there are many lesson to learn, but the greatest is just that administrators (that is everyone with a privilege ) have a large amount of might and must be observed.

You can use your inbox to create and administer your account, as well as perform a backed up and archived mandate. Many managers are unaware that almost everything in an e-mail or paper can be viewed by the company's IT team. One of these is the majority of encoded business e-mails.

Though not so easily accessible, the keys can also be recognized if they are saved somewhere (as they must be).

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